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Why creating AerospaceExport?

Starting an export project in a foreign country is really difficult. You learn while meeting different actors and have to adapt your strategy on an everyday basis.

My first idea on this side project was to share to the Aerospace community, the knowledge that I learned during my Business Development mission in North America.

What is AerospaceExport now?

I kept the same extended mission which is to assist companies in their global development on the Aerospace & Defense market.

I rapidly moved from my original idea of sharing my own testimonial to posting experts interviews. The reason behind this change is to improve the quality of the given advices in different area of expertise. I updated the website guidelines for the different topics that you can read below.

AerospaceExport’s missions :

Make the development in North America easier for foreign Aerospace & Defense companies. You can’t wrote down the perfect business plan for your export project without feedbacks from the market. Getting a good feedback from this market mean to meet its different actors during trade show, business travels,… I think that we can provide interesting feedbacks to you with interviews of experts from the Aerospace & Defense industry. An expert could be a professional such as engineer, executive, government representative, lawyer, accountant, … working for this industry that wish to provide his advices to the community. I hope that their feedbacks will help you to make the best choices in your project.

Spread the innovation in Aerospace Technologies globally. If you want develop your company in a foreign market, it’s probably because you think to be able to take market share trough an innovative value proposition. I believe that in the futur, you will have a more efficient “go to market” using web marketing than traditional way such as  trade show,… So let’s start communicating about innovation in aerospace. This second guideline is open to all worldwide organisations wishing to communicate about aerospace & defense innovation.

All contents on AerospaceExport.com has to verify one of this two guidelines under the control of an Author. Contents published can take various form but has to provide valuable information to the reader.

Our Model:

AerospaceExport is a project that need Authors to publish posts and propose valuable interviews. Our Authors are experts in their domains and choose to select and publish quality content according to AerospaceExport’s missions.

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