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2018 has been a pretty busy year with numerous acquisitions in the Aerospace and Defense industry. We spend some time to gather form our network expert a list of the main M&A that happened in 2018. Here is the list that we got:

Aerospace & Defense M&A in April 2018

In the Defense segment, General Dynamicbought CSRAfor 9,700M$ in April 2018. CSRA is a technology information provider that work mainly for government agencies in Defense and healthcare segment. Couple financial information about that deal:

  • Enterprise Value per revenue ration (EV/ Revenue) of 1.9X 
  • Enterprise Value per EBITDA (EV/ EBITDA) of 12.6X.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in May 2018

In the Defense segment, Coolisys Technologiesbought Enertec Systems for 9.1M$.Enertec Systems is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of electronic and test systems for Defense application. Couple financial information about that deal:

  • Enterprise Value per revenue ration (EV/ Revenue) of 1.1X

In the Defense segment, CoVan and Madison Dearborn Partnersbought Linquestin May 2018. Linquest is a technology information provider for cyber systems supporting Warfighters.

In the Defense segment,Valiant Integrated Servicesbought Cubic Global Defense Servicesfor 138M$. Cubic Global Defense Services is renownedfor its innovative technology solutions and premium products in defense and transportation.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in June 2018

In the Defense segment, Northop GrummanboughtOrbital ATKfor 7,800M$.Orbital ATK is a globally recognized primary contractor and merchant supplier in aerospace and defense technologies that specializes in launch vehicles and related propulsion systems.

  • Enterprise Value per revenue ration (EV/ Revenue) of 1.8X 
  • Enterprise Value per EBITDA (EV/ EBITDA) of 13.0X.

In the Defense segment, Utopya Innovationsbought WeWi Applied Researchin June 2018.Also known as W.A.R. Corp, WeWi Applied Research specialises in engineering advance systems for defense serving government and commercial customers.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in July 2018

In the Defense segment, FIMI Opportunity Fundsbought Aitech Rugged Groupfor 30M$.  Aitech is a leading provider of rugged commercial and military embedded computing solutions for operating in intense conditions, a service vital for defense industry and space programs.

  • Enterprise Value per revenue ration (EV/ Revenue) of 0.9X 
  • Enterprise Value per EBITDA (EV/ EBITDA) of 7.5X.

In the Defense segment, BMT Groupbought Effectivia. Effectivia has established its excellence in the technology industry by providing advanced engineering solutions.

In the Defense segment, Arlington CapitalPartnersbought Dependable Global Solutions. Dependable Global Solutions is a technology provider offering cyber security, mission assurance and intelligence services.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in August 2018

In the Defense segment, CACI International bought General Dynamics(System Engineering and Acquisition Support Services Business Unit)for 84M$. General Dynamics is an American company globally known for its innovative products like combat ships, ships and weapons systems and, its various technology solutions and services.

In the Defense segment, Alion Science and Technology, Veristas Cpaital bought MacAulay-Brown. MacAulay-Brown is serving the US departments of defense for decades by providing technology, cybersecurity and intelligence services .

In the Defense segment, MAG Aerospace, New Mountain Capitalbought Ausley Associates. Ausley Associates is an American company that provides security services. It is globally known for its incredible innovations including unmanned aviation and strike weapons.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in September 2018

In the Defense Segment, Ladenburg Thalman Financial Servicesbought Axon Enterprise. Axon Enterprise is an Arizona-based company known in the technology industry for providing engineering and security solutions.

In the Defense segment, Argosy Private Equitybought Capewell Aerial Systems. Capewell Aerial Systems is a global manufacturer of aviation, security and tactical products for law enforcement and military services.

In the Defense segment, AE Industrial Partners bought Gryphon Technologies.Gyphon Technologies is a prominent name that excels in providing engineering services for developing and operating various military and warfare systems.

In the Defense segment, Pamicabought STAPP. STAPP is a Swedish company that provides military equipment safe for environment to police academies, shooting ranges and law enforcement companies.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in October 2018

In the Defense segment, Merger of Equals (L3 Harris Technologies)bought L3 Technologies; Harris. L3 Technologies provides advances technology and expert solutions serving naval and marine training and safety sytems.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in November 2018

In the Defense segment, Elbit Systemsbought Israel Military Industriesfor 522M$. Israel Military Industries are leading manufacturers of weapons and military technology.

Aerospace & Defense M&A in December 2018

In the Defense segment, Cerberus Cpaital Managementbought Navistar Defense. Navistar Defense is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wheeled vehicles and specialized equipment for military forces.