FSCG-1820 – Space Vehicle Components

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FSCG - titleFSG - titleFSCGNSNmanufacturer parts numberNSN - description
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-00-078-07692328718ballast weight
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-00-435-98672366620pa antenna assembly
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-00-864-81522329000-3inertial ballast
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-01-286-1103537485-01linear electro-mechanical actuator
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-01-286-1104537485-02linear electro-mechanical actuator
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-01-552-0412DMS-20PC-4/20Sindicator panel
Space Vehicle ComponentsSpace Vehicles18201820-01-617-0967310011-1-0-0-0electr actuator nrp

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