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David Briel

David Briel is the Executive Director for International Investment with the Office of International Business Development at the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. For more information about international investment in Pennsylvania and opportunities to locate and expand in the state, contact David at or visit  

PostsOpportunities in Pennsylvania’s Defense Sectors


alinh-hoang-02*1200xx5096-2869-0-279Alinh Hoang 

His professional experience has been essentially focused on the aerospace industry since 1976 and he worked in six different companies covering a large range of components, equipment, and systems that make aircraft and rotorcraft flying. As a former VP Business Development Americas for Zodiac Aerospace Group from 2003 through 2012, he was particularly involved in the Cabin interiors products market.

Among the various success stories that their marketing actions brought to the company, he considers the Boeing 787 as a major achievement due to the amount of the shipset dollar value and the key positioning of Zodiac Aerospace among Boeing suppliers.

Alinh moved from Paris to Seattle 20 years ago with a “simple” mission given by the CEO of Intertechnique (Zodiac took over Intertechnique Group in 2003) : “sell our products & systems to Boeing” to mitigate our heavy dependence to Airbus.

PostsMerger & Acquisition: tips and feedbacks from Alinh HOANG!


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Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson joined the Department of Economic Development – International Trade & Investment Office in February 2016. Prior to joining the department, he worked as a consultant in the non-profit sector, managing international projects for a number of educational institutions and charitable organizations. In this capacity, he traveled to Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Rwanda, collaborating with universities, other non-profits, private businesses, and government agencies. He worked closely with Chinese government and university officials visiting the United States and presented foreign policy papers at two academic conferences. He also worked in business management for a Harvard Medical School biotech operating in Europe and Japan, seeing that company’s growth from three employees to over 15 in a two-year period.

PostsInterview – Daniel Jackson, what business opportunities in Nebraska



Brian Opp

Brian Opp is Business Development Manager at North Dakota Department of Commerce. His work focuses on encouraging economic growth and diversification in the aerospace industry.  North Dakota places a heavy emphasis on the UAS/drone industry, which is where he spends most of his efforts.

PostsInterview – Brian Opp, Learn about the business opportunities in North Dakota.


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