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You want to share your expertise to the Aerospace community? To participate in the development of companies? To help them to succeed? => Become an AerospaceExport Author.

An Author is a key element of the fonctionnement of AerospaceExport. Approval for this role is a selective process where your profile is going to be analyzed by other members.

The Author role:

As an Author, you can publish valuable content for our readers on AerospaceExport. You therefore are in charge to verify that the published content is in accordance with our guidelines (see AerospaceExport mission).

What to benefit from this role:

  • Professional exposure
  • Financial benefice from the advertisement revenue generated on your posts

How to become an Author:

To become an Author, you have to start by filling the form below. A commission will review your application and provide a feedback. If you are approved, you will receive an email with the proper information needed to fulfill your role.

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