What is an Aerospace Design Consultant?

Aerospace companies require sound and pragmatic advices via consultation when developing their aerospace products. Specialized consultants can help a company on various needs such as, which span a plethora of aspects such as product design, manufacture, quality, strategy, sales, market and analysis,…. 

Depending on the necessity, a company will thenmay hire different consultants for each of its different need.the aforementioned aspects. As different consultants might have specialized in different aspects of aerospace production!

In this articleblog, we will focus on but one aspect, I.e., design of the aerospace products and how an aerospace design consultant can help companies to come up with optimal designs for their aerospace products. , and We will provide at the end of this article a list of what are the best aerospace design consultants.

What is an Aerospace Design Consultant?

The job of an Aerospace design consultant is similar to other kinds of consultants, which is to provide reliable advice to the firms and help them achieve the goal previously fixed.reach their full potential. Aerospace Design consultants , on the other hand, specialize in the design component of Aerospace products and therefore can help a company to solve any related problematics.

What Type of Services an Aerospace Engineering Consultant Provides?

The design aspect of the Aerospace industries is very nuanced and is further divided into the type of engineering applied to the aircraft system or components designed.many aspects, such as The expertise needed to design an aircraft wing is therefore very different than for the design,  propulsion system, fuselage, structure or landing gears., and weight. Similarly, the design consultant willalso provide very specialized expertise taillored around the following services: offers a plethora of services in the Aerospace industry; those services are as follows. 

1. Aircraft Components and Assembly Services

An aircraft is only as good as its components. It’s necessary to optimize the design and take into consideration all the constraints on design components.

2. Fabrication Tooling

Aerospace engineering consultants offer many fabrication services such as machining, cutting, shearing, etc.

3. Prototyping and Design Reviews

Aerospace engineering consultants help develop and test prototypes and review the preexisting designs of aerospace products so their effectiveness can be evaluated.

4. Computer-Aided Analysis

Aerospace engineering consultants also help the firms with the analysis of their product design by using computer-generated algorithms such as MATLAB.  

How to Choose a Good Aerospace Design Consultant?

There are certain skills that an Aerospace design consultant needs to possess to come up with reliable and pragmatic advice for aerospace industries. Some of those important skills are.

1. Expertise in the Domain

The aerospace design consultant must have a reasonable amount of expertise in his particular field. He needs to be acquainted with the nuances that come along with aerospace design.

2. Experience in the Domain

A particular consultant’s skills are only sharpened with time as he interacts with the professional environment. That’s why a firm must hire a consultant who has a reasonable level of experience in the domain.

3. Reliability and Delivery Standards

Another important factor that needs to be taken into account when choosing an aerospace design consultant is how reliable that person is; this can be determined by tracking his performance with other aerospace firms that he has worked for.

Another equally important factor is his standards of delivery, how much time does he need with a particular project, how seriously does he takes his projects, is he interested in solving the problems the firms face, etc.

4. The Price

Lastly, what is your budget, and how much your firm can afford for a consultant plays a huge role when hiring one?

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Start up: Da-Vinci Aviation’s new aircraft design to revolution the business jet segment.

This article has been written by DaVinci Aviation, a start up that has been working on a new business jet design. DaVinci Aviation is looking for partners in order to take their idea to the next development phase and they welcome your help. Feel free to contact them directly using the form bellow. If you wish to pitch your start up idea to the community, please contact us here.


Air transport is perhaps one of the industries that are the most under scrutiny for its impact on the environment, rightfully so or not, for that matter. The global warming is instigating the world governments to define and enforce “zero net emissions” policies. In aviation those policies are being enforced by more and more stringent regulations which will forge the next generation of aircraft and propulsive systems for commercial aviation. So, green aviation seems to be a next obligation of mankind with the business opportunity that comes with it. 

Indeed, in the last few years more and more entrepreneurs, startups, investors and the large industry itself have set in this race to deliver a greener aviation.  On one side countless (and still counting) little electric air vehicles concepts with many little propellers distributed all around have been proposed by as many entrepreneurs and their startups to deliver the UAM (Urban Air Mobility). 

Given the challenges of the missing regulation, let alone those of the missing infrastructure (both still a long way to come) and of safe operations in highly populated areas, it feels a little like UAM is a freshly invented need to give the electrified air transport a chance at least at urban scale, the only one that batteries with their current limitations might be capable of. Nonetheless investors put non negligible amounts of cash in this kind of startups.

On the other one, large aircraft manufacturers and research institution have (long) initiated studies of new exotic transport aircraft configurations in the quest for more efficient (i.e. less fuel demanding) aircraft.

And at the same time, along with the large engine manufacturers, they’re trying to figure out how to integrate novel hybrid propulsion systems within current airframes without giving up too much of the volume and weight for payload.


In order to fly more efficiently (and therefore more environmentally caring) aircraft weight is in the end one of the most important factors and must be kept down. It’s really unclear from today’s perspective how lots of additional hardware in the current e- and hybrid-propulsion concepts, such as:

  1. electric engines (mostly made of iron and copper),
  2. high-voltage looms,
  3. heat dissipating devices,
  4. power converters
  5. gas generators for in-flight recharge of batteries,
  6. Batteries weight (for every kilogram of kerosene ~11kg of batteries are required to generate the same usable thrust over the same duration),
  7. which does not dissipate with depletion (opposite to fuel weight)

can make an electric aircraft efficient at all.

Let’s say that we were at the verge of solving the hardware weight and volume problems just mentioned above and of obtaining an increase of energy density by a factor of 13 (currently ~300Wh/kg – required to replace fuel in long range flight: ~4000Wh/kg) of the batteries. Could we electrify aviation right away?

The next question is: where would we recharge a vast number (millions?) of batteries from? Today we could at best plug them in the electric power nets which are mostly powered by fossil and nuclear fuel.

And then, where would we get from all of the minerals to build those many batteries and replace them as they get depleted (battery life is of a few years only).

In order to really fly green with batteries another set of major problems should be solved first:

  1. Create the global infrastructure to recharge batteries from renewable energy sources (wind, sun, water…). Burning some sort of fuel in a power plant, generate electric energy, store it in batteries and then claim it from the battery itself is a less efficient process than directly burning fuel in an engine combustion chamber.
  2. Find a way to extract and process the minerals for the batteries on vast scale to power aviation (and automotive for that matter) in an as much “0 net emission” fashion.
  3. Find a way to effectively recycle the build materials of the depleted batteries. Failing in this last challenge would soon create an additional global pollution problem as overwhelming as the plastic waste itself.

Honestly we don’t see anyone, neither governments nor the fans of electrification tackling these immense challenges, yet.

Even though all of those problems might get solved one day so to enable a greener aviation, from today’s perspective no practical application is going to be at hand any time soon, and perhaps, given the proportions of the many technical and political challenges, it won’t be for the next fifteen to twenty years. And if this is a blow for the environment, so it is for the business opportunities.


In this rush none seem to have realized that there’s a whole branch of aviation, the business aviation, where a hidden yet a huge opportunity is available right now to fly greener, therefore fulfilling our obligation toward our home planet and to make large profits at the same time.

That of the business aviation is quite a profitable market for the active manufacturers in this segment.

These are a few but very good examples over the last ten years of how those manufacturers could enjoy a highly satisfying flow of orders from the very entry into service date of their new products.

In general the market of the BJ’s has been very lively over the past decade and it’s expected to grow even more in the future, especially if China’s authorities will make their airspaces available to privately own aviation.

Last but not least, if the immediate effect of the pandemic has hit the whole aircraft industry as well through the supply chains, the reaction of wealthy individuals and corporations to this COVID time is that to look at private aviation as a way of avoiding big crowded commercial aircraft and airport terminals.

On the other hand, this market is fully occupied by a bunch of companies, that for brand reputation and technology we could call the Ferrari and Porsche of aviation. They have left no niche in no segment of it.

Where is then this opportunity to start making the aviation greener now and of making profit with it?


It might be surprising, but most of the aerodynamic and structural elements of a modern business jet haven’t changed much since the introduction of the first private jet in the sixties of last century. Some of the most important selling points of a BJ, such has the uninterrupted cabin floor and cabin height, drive the aircraft layout in a way that there’re inherent inefficiencies (structurally and aerodynamically) of that kind of design.

Well, imagine for a moment that you can bring to a market full of “carbon copied” products barely distinguishable from one another, an airplane that with its elegant but futuristic lines seems to emerge straight from a science fiction movie. And imagine that this aircraft can offer

  1. improved by up to 30+% specific air range (how many miles an aircraft flies per pound of burnt fuel) with respect to existing aircraft
  2. reduced CO2 emissions accordingly
  3. provide more cabin comfort and amenities to the passengers than the existing designs do
  4. to create a business opportunity of 500+m$/year in the business jet market segment
  5. and be a forerunner for reshaping the commercial aviation too
  6. the potential to accommodate any kind of future propulsion systems (fully electric, hybrid, hydrogen…) should they become available and really be more efficient than the current ones.

At DaVinci Aviation we set off with these goals in mind. We reconsidered from the ground up the elements of the current designs and we reinvented the business jet to a truly 21st century, environment caring kind of aircraft.

We think we succeeded in this process and our performance projections, based on our engineering work, show a significant advantage of our concept, w.r.t the aircraft in two market segments at once (light and mid-size business jets).

We can offer a greener airframe by design, i. e. lower consumption (and therefore emissions) at equal or higher cruise speed than existing aircraft in the two above market segments.

In light of the growing environmental awareness of individuals and governments, a greener aircraft means wider acceptance by the general public, certifying agencies, political leaders, environment caring businessmen and corporations.


We have developed a design at the concept stage. The conceptual design is a common and fundamental practice at each large aircraft manufacturer to establish the soundness of a concept from both the engineering and marketing standpoints before proceeding into the demanding preliminary design phase. This is what we could achieve with our own resources. 

The very next steps are fundamental and yet not very financially and time demanding: a more in detail verification of our results is required to confirm our predictions and consolidate the concept potential, for instance in special missions such as air ambulance. To achieve this goal virtual aerodynamic and structural models of the aircraft must be created. The aerodynamic model would be run in a virtual (mathematical) wind-tunnel in order to predict the aerodynamic drag and other stability characteristics of the proposed configuration with greater accuracy. The structural layout model would provide an overview of the structural feasibility, the general layout of the aircraft elements, the required materials technology and a more accurate estimate of the aircraft empty weight.  The financial effort of this phase might be in the order of 250k€.

Assuming that the concept would pass the scrutiny with flying colors, as we expect it would, a financial and technical machine, the company, would have to be created, capable to bring to life certify and market the concept.

A project like this would be in the order of the 500m$ on a time scale of ~6 years distributed roughly as follows:

•          Preliminary Design to PDR – 1.2 year – 70mln

•          Detailed Design to CDR -1.5 years – 90m$

•          1 prototype build – 8m$  –  3 required

•          Development (engineering & flight test) – 2 years – 180m$

•          Certification (engineering & flight test) and marketing – 1.2 years – 110m$ 

These numbers apply to an experienced and well organized manufacturer, i.e. a manufacturer with previous experience in design, build, certification and marketing of a complex aircraft. However, startups such as Boom, Tesla, Blue Origin and SpaceX are the living proof that great visions make no goal hard enough that can’t be achieved.

Contact DaVinci’s team:

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How the more electric aircraft will help to transition to a greener futur

How the more electrical aircraft technology will help the transition to a greener futur

Electric propulsion technology and the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the way we think about travel.

The Pre-Covid transportation

With 2020 coming to a close it gives us a chance to reflect and look back at where we have been, but more importantly where we are going next. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the way we live and work. It has also accelerated our thinking about the way we look at vehicles and their effects on the environment.

Transportation makes up a quarter of the world’s harmful air emissions – and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. The rise in global-warming greenhouse gases is driving the need for cleaner transportation. It is a familiar challenge and one that will not change unless we get serious about climate change.

The pandemic has provided some relief and a glimpse into the future. Traffic is light and more people are working from home now than ever before. However, this relief will likely only be temporary.

New era in flight

Electric aircraft – from urban air mobility to regional transport jets – will help to change that when the first of these next-generation flights leave the runway in just a few years. This new form of clean transportation will have multiple utilities: people, cargo, logistics, rescue, and emergency support. It will not only open the door for a new way to commute, but will take cars off the road. Reduced traffic will open up roadways and further reduce emissions in the places where we live, work and visit.

These futuristic aircraft will also create a new wave of airway traffic patterns that connect the cities to the suburbs and rural areas. This shift out of the city has the potential to reshape the way we think about work and where we live. It could create new high tech work hubs outside of the city as people and goods can travel between locations with ease. This not only makes more remote work possible, but could also create a new talent pipeline outside of the city.

Going green

Moving to all-electric or hybrid electric aircraft helps to reduce emissions as they will burn little to no fuel. These new systems will not rely on jet fuel to fly, but instead will use a combination of electric generators, motors, batteries, and smart controls.

This presents a new challenge for our industry, as we prepare to take the next giant leap in aviation. For companies like BAE Systems, it is an inflection point and opportunity to help shape the future of flight. Our team is committed to action with purpose and is ready for this important moment. For nearly a half century, we have solved some of the toughest challenges in flight critical electronics. Now we are ready to help write the next great chapter in aviation history. 

Our role in that mission is to create green energy systems and controls that meet the expectations of our industry. For us, that means making them safe for flight. That will always be our top priority. It is why we continue to work closely with authorities in the industry to shape the future.

For the people behind the innovation, it’s a chance to change the world and the way we travel forever. For companies like BAE Systems, it’s an opportunity to push the engineering limits of what is possible and bring a whole new greener ecosystem to life.

By Mark Drechsler – Sr Director Business Development at BAE Systems (original post here )

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How to search for a service provider on AerospaceExport

How to search for a service provider on AerospaceExport

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Those local government organisations or association are always important to connect with. They have a great network in their field or region and would point you in the right direction.


We have few lawyers listed that specialize in immigration, contract, corporate, tax and employment lawyers and who are used to help Aerospace & Defense companies.


The accountants can provide various advices in the country and for the business activity that is of interest. Others services include bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and payrolls management.

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An M&A consultant will help you to find the right business to acquire, to audit this business and to connect you financial professionals.

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Those professional can provide you with financing and other related consulting services. The investment banker differ from the Venture Capitalist by investing in more mature companies with a lower risk level.

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How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

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How to propose your services on AerospaceExport

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How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to post your need on AerospaceExport

How to post your need on AerospaceExport

Aerospace Sales Representative

Aerospace refers to the industry that is concerned with aviation and space flight. The Aerospace sales industry is making progress by leaps and bounds and is opening new horizons for aviation and space technology.

A very important individual associated with the Aerospace Industry is the Aerospace Sales Representative; he plays a crucial role as a sales representative and manages important aspects of the Aerospace sales industry.

In this article, we shall discuss what role Aerospace sales representative plays in the Aerospace sales industry, what makes an Aerospace sales representative well suited for their job, and how to choose a good Aerospace Sales representative. 

What Is A Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are a crucial part of the connection between a company and its customers. An Aerospace sales representative is contracted by a company in order to develop their business in a specific market/ region.

Sales representatives attract ideal customers to the company and thus allow the businesses to expand. They tend to focus on a specific market niche, technology, region or customer base.

You can think of a sales representative as the company’s face, as they help in growing the business and attracts customers to the business. It is very important to carefully select this person as the Aerospace sales representative is responsible for developing and executing strategic sales growth in the delegated territory.  Your development success in this new market segment or region depend heavily on the skills and network of the sales representative selected.

What Does Exactly a Sales Representative Do?

A sales representative has a myriad of job services under his responsibility. Here are couple of the responsibilities listed: 

She/He helps identify new markets, market trends, customer leads, and also helps in pitching prospective customers. An Aerospace sales representative would specialize in Aerospace products such as aviation technology and aircraft products.

A Sales representative maintains authentic and interactive customer relations and monitors the competition related to production for the companies. The sales representative also modules the business in a way that attracts the most customers! Some other job responsibilities of a sales representative are as follows:

1. Sells product to customers and meets customer demands in a satisfactory way.

2. Plans and organizes work schedules to manage sales outlets.

3. Studies the volume of product procurement and adapts sales efforts through optimal strategies. 

4. Recommends useful changes in production, services, and policies by evaluating the results and by determining the competitive advantages and disadvantages in the market.

5. Refers to the price lists and submit quotation to the customer. 

6. Informs the management about activities and results in sales.  

7. Support the customer when facing a problematic. The sales representative would connect the customer with dedicated team that will investigate and solve the problems identified.

What Makes a Good Sales Representative? 

A very crucial part of being a good sales representative is to be well informed of the market they are working on. An Aerospace sales representative is acquainted with the tech environment of Aerospace & Defense market and understands all the nuances of the niche that you are targeting. 

When you are contracting a new sales representative, you are buying a network and you shouldn’t underestimate that. The experience of the sales representative with targeted customers is a must to have.

To be a good sales representative means to have good communication and presentation skills. The art of giving an excellent presentation to the customers is heavily built on confidence. A good sales representative is confident in her/himself when he/she presents a company’s products to customers.

A good sales representative focuses on the task at hand and does not deviate from the point of discussion. Focusing on the issue at hand allows them to solve the problems that arise with time and organize better.

How to Choose a Good Sales Representative? 

Choosing the best sales representative for your aerospace company is predicated upon three premises.

The primary being the domain of expertise of the sales representative you are working with. There are many specific technologies involved in the Aerospace & Defense industry and you want the person selected to really understand your products/ services in order to sell them.

The second step is to evaluate whether the person is suited for the region your company wants to develop its activity in. For example; if your company want to expand in the UK, you need to check whether the sales representative is well connected with clients from that region.

The third step is to check which companies the sales representative has in his network and how fast he can present your product/ service to them. A sales representative is a consultant who puts forward your case in front of customers on your behalf, so it’s crucial to evaluate what network and what company the sales representative is acquainted with so you can use his insight to grow your Aerospace business.

Connect with Aerospace sales representatives:

Top Aerospace trade show & conference in Europe

Over the last couple of decades, the Aerospace industry has tremendous progress all over the world. As a matter of fact, it is one of the very few industries, which managed to maintain a sustainable growth over a period of time.  What makes aerospace industry so special is the fact that here, there are job opportunities for engineers from different domains. Whether it is a mechanical engineer, or a computer engineer, everyone has a role to play in this particular sector. Apart from the engineers, there is a huge demand for various kinds of stuffs; with skill sets ranging from technical to back office and administration. The fact that this particular industry has made so much of progress over the years, have invariably opened new markets for them. Europe is one continent which has seen tremendous growth in this sector over the last couple of decades. Besides, when it comes to the defense sector; the aerospace industry has contributed immensely. Whether it is civil aviation, military or space; the aerospace industry has offered some of the most advanced and sophisticated machines and devises, which has helped mankind to reach to new heights of advancements. More research are being carried out all over the world to find out more innovative and advanced mechanisms. 

Aerospace & Defense market in the Europe

The aerospace and defense market in Europe is expected to catch a CAGR of more than 2.4% in the years to come. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a stiff rise in the demand of both military and commercial aircraft; which has contributed towards the rapid growth of this sector in Europe. With the help of patronage from some of the giant industry incumbent’s like Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Thales, Safran and Leonardo; the rate of R&D and indigenous manufacturing has increased tremendously over the last couple of decades. The EU or European Union has formulated a strategy, which is known by the name of Europe 2020 Strategy in order to facilitate sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. The European space program is known for contributing to different types of regional scientific progresses in the domain of Earth observations, navigations and telecommunications. 

The industry is closely related to the GDP of the region and the industry players work in close collaboration with regional suppliers and end-user to foster symbiotic sustenance. The European Union (EU) has also formulated the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. The European space program contributes to regional scientific progress in the fields of telecommunications, navigation, and Earth observation. 

Most of the European countries have their participation in the NATO forces. In the year 2014, members of the NATO agreed to enhance the spending on military by 2% of their GDP, or gross domestic product, by the year 2024. Therefore, it is quite evident that Europe is boosting its military spending to enhance the operational capabilities of the NATO forces. In the face of increasing threats from other countries like China and Russia. As far as the regional NATO allies are concerned, like Greece, Lativa, Romania, Poland, UK and Estonia; they were expected to attain the target of 2% hike by the end of 2019. It was anticipated that Germany would miss the deadline as there is a massive restoration of gthe military mechanism is going on 

Check our listing of Aerospace & Defense service providers. Those experts can definitely help you to take your company to the next level

Why joining a Trade show or conference in Europe?

Today, Europe is the hub of aerospace industry. Countries from all over the world, including USA, look up to the European companies for new advancements and innovations. Thankfully, Europe has opened its doors to the rest of the world, where they can participate in different conferences and trade shows. These trade shows are organized all around the year in different countries of Europe, where the aerospace companies from all over the globe participate to learn about the new innovations, and they also get in touch with investors and banks, who are willing to invest in this sector. The trade shows puts on a display of some of the latest and most advanced innovations in this sector, which have added a new dimension to the aerospace industry in Europe. As a matter of fact, these trade shows would remain incomplete without participation from some of the other major players in this industry. Countries like India, China, Israel, Japan and others are the major stakeholders of these trade shows. It is true that they get to know and learn a lot by attending these programs; however, the organizers look forward to their participation, as it would give them an opportunity to present their new model and technology, which these countries might show interest in. This would help generate business, which in turn would add to the revenue of this industry.

Top trade Shows and Conference in Europe

There are many trade shows and conferences which are organized all over the world. Here is a list of top 30

  1. Paris Air Show: This event take place at Paris Le Bourget airport and is the largest Aerospace & Defense event in Europe. This is a Must to attend trade show.
  2. FARNBOROUGH International Air show :.this is generally took place every year in march and exhibitors from different industries like private, civil, commercial, and military sectors participate and showcase their aircraft, latest technologies and equipment. This Hampshire, UK  based show though not going to held this year on due time due covid 19 pandemic. 
  3. BLACK SEA DEFENSE & AEROSPACE: this fair is organized in Romania capital Bucharest after every 2 years and one of the top shows in eastern Europe which comprises and showcases industries like defense armament, aeronautics(space), subcontracting, suppliers and partners in aerospace.    
  4. EW or Electronic Warfare Europe: this is a UK based exhibition held in Liverpool once every year. This is considered as one of the best shows in the entire European region where different industries like Defense, Components Security & Risk Management   Space Real Time Systems, Armament Aeronautics, Embedded Systems Electronic Design participates.   
  5. ILA Berlin Air Show: This one is regarded as one of the best aerospace events in Europe
  6. METEF: the official name of this fair is Expo of Customized Technology for Aluminum & Innovative Metals Industry and it is public trade fair which organized after every 3 years in Verona Italy. The industries which take part in this fair are advanced materials, aerospace, automotive systems and components and so on. 
  7. SURFAIR: the full form of this trade exhibition is International Conference on Surface Treatments in the Aeronautical and Space Industries, which held every year in Biarritz, France and the industries which showcases here, are from aeronautics, subcontracting and suppliers, surface treatments and so on.    
  8. Aircrafts Interior Expo: This event is held in Germany. It is primarily about passenger aircrafts and deals with various aspects related to it; like safety issues, lavatory, entertainment and others. This is one of the major events when it comes to commercial trade shows, and companies from all over the world participate in it.
  9. TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW :  in the city of Toulouse France, experts and supplier and buyers gathered in This weeklong Trade Aerospace show where people from industries like aeronautics, space research and development services, and  so on. Last year the footfall in this exhibition was 2000. 
  10. Aeromart Toulouse: This event takes place in France, and it primarily deals in airbus and its various features 
  11. AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES, MODERN MARIERALS & EQUIPMENT, KAZAN: this is one of the biggest shows in Russia in aerospace and its related industries and probably one of the biggest and best in entire Eastern Europe region. Aeronautics – Space and Advanced Materials are the main two industries participate here. 
  12. AERO’NOV CONNECTION: this is a French aerospace show specializes in R&D innovation in aerospace industry takes place every 2 year in July. The main indu8stries which takes part in this show are Aeronautics – Space, Subcontracting, Suppliers & Partners and Sciences for Engineers – Research & Development. 
  13. MRO Russia and CIS: This show would be the perfect opportunity for the companies from all around the world to establish a connection with Russia’s aerospace industry
  14. Passenger Terminal Expo: This show is also about airport management and security
  15. GPEC: this is probably one of the biggest trade shows in its category in Germany which took place every year and mainly famous for police equipment and special equipment.
  16. ATX Montreal 2020: This is one of the major trade show which needs to be attended for those who are involved in the business of Aerospace and Defense 
  17. MARITIME SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY: when it comes to UK aerospace and maritime exhibitions this is the one fair which every expert look out for. The industries participates in this one are security, shipping, defense system, logistics and transportation. Aeronautics – Space, Marketing & Selling and Logistics & Transportation Engineering are the main industries which exhibit their products. 
  18. WORLD LOW COST AIRLINES CONGRESS: after every 2 years in September this exhibition takes place in London where all the leading global carriers manufacturers come to participate in it and 
  19. World Aviation Festival: This is considered to be as one of the best trade shows in the field of aerospace industry. It is organized in England and is being participated by all the major players from all over the world. 
  20. AIREX Istanbul Airshow: this is probably one of the top shows in the Turkey for aerospace industry and this shows conducts in civil aviation & airports along with supply chain in airlines industry every 2 years.   
  21. SOBRA: this Slovenian aerospace exhibition is one of its kinds in the eastern European region which deals in Armament, Risk Management in aerospace and Aeronautics. 
  22. Cuborg Air Show: It is to be organized in Cuborg, Germany. This air show is open to public, where some of the latest models of both civil and military aviation would be displayed
  23. AIRTEC: this is a Germany based exhibition and aerospace fair held every year in Munich with an aim to showcase all the latest products in the Aerospace Supply.
  24. AVIASVIT-XXI 2020: this is one of the biggest fair in the world takes place in Kiev, Ukraine. The exhibitors from different parts of the world comes to join this exhibition and showcase their products in all types of aircrafts repair and maintenance, modernization, construction, rocket systems and space vehicles and so on.     
  25. AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE MEETINGS SEVILLA: this Spanish aerospace show is one of the most popular in Spain and takes place in every two years in June, but due to Covid 19 this year it didn’t took place. The focus industries in this show are Aeronautics – Space, Defense (Armament) and Suppliers, Subcontracting & Partners. 

These are some of the major aerospace trade shows which are organized all over the world. The fact that the aerospace industry has made tremendous progress over the last couple of decades has opened up new avenues, which in turn has helped this industry to flourish even more. Want to learn more about Europe’s Aerospace Industry? Look over the internet. You will be overloaded with information. 

Best Aerospace trade show & conference in Asia

The Aerospace industry, over the last couple of decades has made mind blowing progress. USA has been the leader in this domain; however, gradually, other countries like Germany, Russia, France and others also started investing in this particular sector; which had yielded highly productive results when it comes to improving both civil and military aviation sector. Besides, space research has improved tremendously in these countries, over the last couple of decades. It wouldn’t have been possible without the progress and advancement in the aerospace sector. Do you know, that some of the Asian countries are regarded to be as one of the major players in this domain? Countries like India, China and Japan have surprise the entire world, with their sudden jump, in manufacturing civil aircrafts, military aircrafts, spacecrafts and others. This has helped in the process of flourishing this industry by a great extent, which had created massive job opening. According to a recent study; today, India is ranked among the 5 top civil aircraft manufacturing countries in the world. Besides, India has also invested in its indigenously made fighter aircraft; Tejas, which has already been inducted into the Indian Air Force. The achievement of ISRO, the Indian Space Research Institute is known all over the world! It can therefore be safely stated that with the likes of India, Chin, Japan and other countries; Asia is gradually making its mark in the domain of aerospace industry

Check our listing of Aerospace & Defense service providers. Those experts can definitely help you to take your company to the next level

Defense and Aerospace Market in Asia

The defense and aerospace market in Asia is expected to reach a CAGR of more than 2.2% in next 10 years. Over the last couple of decades, the demand for commercial and military aircrafts and other accessories related to them have increased at a rapid pace. This has played a significant role in the overall growth of this particular industry in Asia. Countries like India, China and Japan are investing heavily in this particular sector. Besides, foreign investments have also been coming in from some of the major financial institutions in the world.

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive increase when it comes to the production of aircrafts in Asia; both for civil and military sector. This has opened up new avenues for other related industries, which have played an instrumental role in overall development of this industry. Today, European investors are looking towards Asia as one of the most lucrative and potential market for investing in the aerospace sector. 

China and Japan have been in the race since the late 80s. Both these countries have done incredibly well, over a period of time. However, India, in the last couple of decades have come leaps and bounds and has taken everyone by surprise. Today, India is recognized as one of the giants in this domain and has been competing with some of the major players like the USA, France, Germany, Russia and others. Bramhos, the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world was developed by the Indian scientists in collaboration with Russia. 

Why joining a Trade show or conference in Asia?

Today, Asia is considered to be as one of the major hubs as far as aerospace industry is concerned. Countries from all over the world, are looking towards the Asian giants like India, China, Japan and Israel for new innovations and R&D work. The fact that there are so much of foreign investment involved, compelled these Asian countries to open their doors for the rest of the world. These days, there are numerous different trade shows and conferences which are organized in different parts of Asia, where companies from all over the world participate to learn about the latest developments and innovation in this field which Asia has made. Besides, the fact that companies from all over the world participate in these shows, also present an opportunity to establish business relationship with them. This has proven to be very useful in generating revenue, and at the same time, attractive foreign investors to invest money in the aerospace industries of Asia. There are different trade shows and conferences that are organized throughout the year, in different parts of Asia.

 Top Trade Shows and Conferences in Asia

Here is a brief insight on some of the top trade shows and conferences which are held in different parts of Asia

  1. Singapore Air Show: This event was organized in the month of February 2020. It is considered to be as one of the best air shows in Asia; and has gained the mark of an international exhibition. If someone is planning to expand his business at the Asia Pacific, then this trade show would just be the perfect option for him. 
  2. Japan Aerospace: This event is scheduled to be held in Tokyo, in the month of November, 2020. It is an international event, where aerospace systems and aircrafts are being exhibited. Though, it is not the biggest event in Asia; however, those companies who are willing to invest in Japan aerospace sector, would find it very useful. 
  3. MRO Middle East: This event was held in the month of February 2020, in Dubai, at Dubai World Trade Center. The main theme of this event is Defense and Aerospace maintenance, their repairs, and other related sectors. This is one of the biggest exhibition which is organized in the entire Middle East
  4. Abu Dhabi Heli Expo: Held in Abu Dhabi in February 2020, at the Al Bateen Executive Airport. This trade show is all about different types of helicopters ranging from military to VIP. 
  5. Inter Airport China: This event is scheduled to be held in the month of September in China at the Chinese International Exhibition Center. This exhibition will be about airport management, connectivity and security. 
  6. Defense Services Asia Exhibition: It deals in aeronautics and space industries and is held in Kualalampur in every 2 years. 
  7. Taiwan International Fastener Show:  This trade shows is about assembling and handling technology of the aeronautic and space industry. It is held in the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. This trade fair is organized once in every 2 years.
  8. Air Cargo China: This exhibition is about logistics and air cargo. It is held in the city of Sanghai every 2 years. Its venue is Sanghai New International Expo Center. 
  9. Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference: This exhibition deals in a lot of different things; Space and Aeronautics being one of them. It is help in Shanghai, once  China, once a year
  10. China (Shanghai) International Super-Capacitor Industry Fair:  This trade show is held once a year in Shanghai, China and deals with aeronautics, along with various other industries. 
  11. Hand tools and Fastners Expo: This trade show is organized in Delhi and Mumbai, once a year. Pragati Maidan in Delhi and BCEC in Mumbai are its venue.
  12. Bengaluru Space Expo: This trade show is about displaying the latest innovations and advancements made in the technical support department. The venue is Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. It is organize once in 2 years
  13. Inter Airport China: This trade show is about the latest technologies which have been invented in aerospace industries. It is held at China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, and is held once in every 2 years.
  14. Shanghai International Industry Fair: This show is primarily about tenchological and scientific innovations. It is organized once a year. The venue for this show is National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. 
  15. Fastener Show – Shanghai: This trade show has achieved the international standards, where the latest innovations in repairs and maintenance of the aerospace industry is being put into display
  16. Aeromart Sacheon – South Korea 2020: This is an international event on aero space and defense industry. It is organized after every 3 years, and is held on Sacheon, South Korea.
  17. ASCE: This is an International Aviation Related trade show, and is held in Shanghai once a year. The venue for this event is National Exhibition and Convention Centre. 
  18. Indo Aerospace Expo and Forum: This trade show deals in international aviation, aerospace and aircraft technology. It is organized once after every 2 years, at Jakarta Indonesia 
  19. Indo Helicopter: This is South- East Asia’s one of the best helicopter events. It is organized after every 2 years, in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  20. Air Show China: It is an international aerospace and aviation exhibition. It is organized after every 2 years, at Zhuhai, China. The venue for this event is China International Aviation Exhibition Centre. 
  21. JEC Asia 2020: This trade shows displays latest innovations in aeronautic sector. It is held once a year, the city of Seoul; South Korea

Apart from these, there are many other trade shows and exhibitions which are organized in different part of Asia. These events have provided the European and American companies with an excellent opportunity to have a close look at the development and progress made by the Asian countries. This also helps to attract foreign investment 

Our selection of AEROSPACE CAD Drawings

Computer Aided Design, or CAD is a special software, which is used to design a particular product, create its blue print. These days, the use of CAD has become very popular in the engineering fraternity, as it offer more accurate and precise drawings, which can be achieved putting in a very less amount of time. When it comes to engineering drawings, they consist of numerous details like lines, curves, points, different types of shapes and curves. What CAD does, is that it offers a detailed description of a component in its graphical form. 

It has been more than 2000 years, ever since engineering drawing came into existence. However, it was in the 18thcentury, a French Mathematician; Gaspard Monge, who introduced the concept of orthographic projections.

The fact that visual objects speaks volume about the features and characteristics, the concept of engineering drawing have evolved over the years and has become an indispensible aspect in the engineering field. Earlier, engineering drawing were made using hands; which made the entire process very complicated and time consuming. There was a desperate need for a mechanism which would come with the combination of problem solving abilities, analytical tolls, graphical representation and organization. In engineering, objects are represented with the help of technical drawings, which are known as drafting. Drafting is used to represent specifications and designs of a data relationship and physical object. The fact that technical drawings are precise and are meant to communicate all kinds of information pertaining to the object in a clear manner, it is absolutely essential for it to be precise. This is where CAD has become so popular and useful. 

Computer Aided Design, that’s what CAD stands for. The major benefits of using CAD is the fact that it facilitates the process of designing, developing and optimizing products. CAD is a very versatile application, and is being extensively used in the manufacturing sector as well as in the construction industries. With the help of CAD, it has become possible for the design engineers for form a layout and to create their work on a computer, take a print out of it and then use it for future reference. When it was introduced for the first time, CAD wasn’t the most popular of options, as it was very expensive, and some degree of technical knowledge was require to operate it; besides, it also had a few major drawbacks. However, with time as the software got modified, it came up with more user friendly and advanced features, which had enable the designers to create designs using accurate calculations, dimensions and other parameters. 

The Use of Computer Aid Design

The primary use of CAD is to accomplish preliminary layouts and designs; along with different types of calculations and details. CAD helps in creating 3D models, creating drawings, releasing them. Besides, it also helps in the process of interfacing with marketing, analysis and manufacturing. 

CAD plays a very important role in facilitating the process of manufacturing by transferring detail and relevant information about a particular product in an automated mechanism, which can be interpreted by trained personnel. CAD can be used to design both 2 and 3 dimensional designs. With the help of CAD, it is possible to view a particular design from any possible angle. It even possible to have a look at the model designed from inside, looking out at it. If you are wondering what are the different benefits which CAD has to offer, in that case, the following points might convince you 

  • As opposed to the manual methods of creating drawings, CAD offers an easier and convenient way of processing it
  • Apart from creating detailed 3D and 2D models, CAD is used widely for creating different types of conceptual layouts and designs for different manufacturing components. 
  • CAD helps to reduce the design time by a great extent and allows precise simulation rather than test and build physical prototypes.
  • Integrating CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) with CAD, helps to streamline the process of product development 

Presently, CAD is used in the movie industry, for making animated films, different types of industrial products and applications. In order to take print outs from CAD, a special type of plotter or printer is required. CAD programs uses either raster graphics or vector-based graphics which would show how an object is going to look. 

How can a CAD Software Helps you

A CAD software can help you in different ways. Here are some of them

  • It helps to enhance the level of efficiency when it comes to design quality
  • It helps to increase the productivity of the engineer
  • CAD has also proven to be very useful in maintaining proper records through advanced means of communication and documentation 

Given the fact that CAD offers so many different types of benefits and yields so much of utilities; it has become an indispensible part of almost all kinds of industries; including aerospace. The fact that CAD plays an major role in improving creativity and also speeds up the process of productivity; it is becoming increasingly more useful and a visualization tool, which can be used prior to the manufacturing process. 

What are the Different Types of CAD Software?

CAD was first introduced in the 60s, and ever since, it has come leaps and bounds. CAD can be classified into the following categories

  • 3D CAD
  • 2D CAD
  • Solid Modeling
  • Surface Modeling and 3D Wireframe. 

Over the years, the use of CAD has increased tremendously and today, it has become one of the most widely used applications as far as engineering designing is concerned. With the help of CAD, it has now become possible to create designs, which would have taken months otherwise. Whether it is designing of aero places, space crafts, buildings or any other kinds of structures, the use of CAD had made sure that even the most complex of designs can be attained within a very short span of time, and with optimum level of efficiency. 

How to Create a CAD Drawing?

If you are a newbie, then you might find this section to be quite informative. It offers a brief insight on how to create a CAD drawing. Here are the steps which needs to be followed

  • Open the program which is already installed in your computer
  • Go to the “model space” section. This is basically the interface where you can create your designs 
  • The next thing you need to do is to set your units. You can choose either meters, feet, inches or any other unit which you would like to work with. 
  • Then you need to select the toolbar, which you would be using throughout the entire process of drawing
  • The next thing you need to do, is to turn on the OSNAP feature. It refers to object snap and comes real handy while you are drawing. In order to ensure that you have you OSNAP settings on, you need to right click on the icon that reads as “OSNAP”. It would be located on the left hand corner of your screen. 

This is how you get your software ready for drawing. The next thing you need to do is either create a fresh drawing or export and existing one. Refer to the online tutorials for more details on how to use CAD software

Aerospace CAD Drawing

As mentioned, CAD is a software which is extensively used in different types of manufacturing sectors. It is one of the most reliable applications to be used when it comes to drawing 2D and 3D models. The aerospace industry is no exception. As a matter of fact, the use if CAD is considered to be at its peak in this particular domain. Designing complex machines, aircraft models, minute details of spacecrafts, missiles and other components have become much easier with the help of CAD.

When it comes to the aerospace industry, special versions of CAD are used, which come with multiple different features. The fact that the aerospace industry, all over the world have been able to speed up their production process, owes a lot to the advanced and latest version of CAD software. CAD has played an instrumental role in the military aerospace sector.        With latest simulators and 3D designing capabilities, CAD has become one of the indispensible tolls of the aerospace industry all over the world. Without CAD, the process would slow down considerably

CAD is one of the most widely used applications, when it comes to designing and drawing. New and latest versions of this software is being introduced regularly, which add more to its features and makes sure that an enhanced level of efficiency and accuracy could be achieved. CAD has made the entire process of designing and drawing of models very easy and has also played an instrumental role, when it comes to generating the desired result. It is one of the best options available in the market for getting professional designs with pin point accuracy, within a very short period of time. 

Aerospace CAD Drawings to download:

Here is a quick list of some pretty interesting CAD drawing that are available to download:

Type15-3 Multirole FighterJet


.Atomics MQ-9 Reaper


Jet Engine


Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor on solidworks


Electronic Components – Trace Parts => Here

Tier 3 Aerospace Suppliers

When it comes to the aerospace sector, it has expanded at a very rapid pace over the years. Aerospace industry includes both civil and military aviation, as well as space research programs. The fact that countries from all over the world have increased their defence budget, has caused a hike in the military sector of the aerospace industry. Besides, there has also been a remarkable progress, in the domain of civil sector. New and up dated mechanism are being introduced, research and development project are carried out at an industrial scale, investments of billions of dollars are coming in. It needs to be mentioned in this regard, that the aerospace industry is one of the most vastly expanding sectors in the world, and it generates staggering amount of revenue. 

Considering its volume and magnitude, it is quite understandable, that it involves a huge volume of human resources, who are involved in carrying out different types of activities. There are suppliers, engineers, maintenance staffs, management workers and so many of them. However, the group which is absolutely essential to ensure that this industry operated smoothly and efficiently are the suppliers. They are the ones who are responsible for supplying different types of raw materials and other essential elements which are required to manufacture the finished product. 

What are Tier Suppliers? 

A Tier supplier in the field of aerospace industry is the one who supplied different types of essential materials and commodities which are required to manufacture finished products. There are different types of segregations as far as tier suppliers are concerned. There are Tier 1 suppliers, Tier 2 Suppliers and Tier 3 Suppliers. 

In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the features of these different tier suppliers. What they are, what they do and how important that are for the success of the aerospace industry. 

Tier 1 vs Tier 2 vs Tier 3

Like any other industries, the aero space sector also runs on proper and smooth supply chain. There are different tiers which are involved in the process of supply chain of the aerospace industry.  These tier companies have some specific roles to play and have been instrumental when it comes to the overall success of the aerospace industry. Here is a brief overview on some them

  • Tier 1 Company: They are traditionally system manufacturer or system assembly companies. They would generally receive the part or subsystems from the Tier 2 and will send the final system to the OEM. As far as supply chain of aerospace sector is concerned, a tier 1 company is considered to be as one of the most important members. They are responsible for supplying different components directly to the OEM or the original equipment manufacturer. One of the main characteristic of the supply chain management is creation of a tiered supply chain. One of its major objectives is linking different important functions of a business along with its processes.  A tier 1 company, basically forms the backbone of a supply chain mechanism and is hugely responsible in making sure that the entire operation is being carried out in an effective and efficient manner. 
  • Tier 2 Company: They are responsible of parts manufacture or subsystem assembly. They receive components from Tier 3 and send their final product to the Tier1. When it comes to the tier 2 companies of aerospace industry, they are no less important as opposed to the tier 1 ones. However, their scope of operation is restricted and limited in what they are capable of producing. Usually, the tier 2 companies are smaller in terms of size and magnitude, and are less technically equipped compared to the tier 1 companies. If they happen to be the supply chain’s first link, in that case, they are the ones who starts the ball to roll from the final product of the OEM. This essentially means, that these companies are absolutely vital when it comes to speeding up the rate of production. There is another important aspect pertaining to the tier 2 companies which needs to be mentioned; they need to be very rigorous and strict in terms of standards and safety compliance. The reason being, if something doesn’t go right, then it cannot be bypassed to tier 1. 
  • Tier 3 Company: They are typically component manufacturers that will ship their products directly to Tier2 companies in order to manufacture the requested parts or subsystems. Tier 3 companies are usually pretty big players compared to Tier 2 companies that could be family owed machine shops.

Aerospace Company listing

We have been working on a worldwide companiy listing including OEM, Tier 1, Tier2, and Tier 3 companies. We definetly advise you to have a look at it here.

Getting assistance from Industry experts:

Connecting with Aerospace & Defense industry experts is one of the alternative solution in order to ask the different question that you have and to seek the advices that you need. Feel free to have a look at the services providers that we listed for you in the following categories:

Aerospace Engineer Salary

Aerospace industry is a sector which deals in manufacturing of different types of crafts which are used no navigate the space and sky. You got it right! It is about designing and manufacturing of aircrafts, spacecrafts, helicopters, drones and other types of vehicles. As it is quite evident that it is a highly technical field, and require men with high level of expertise. This is a domain which is dominated by the engineers, aerospace engineers to be precise, and supported by other kinds of technical staffs. They design, plan, manufacture, maintain, repair and do all sorts of things as far as the crafts are concerned. This is a huge industry; both in terms of its magnitude as well as financial volume. Billions of dollars are being invested every year in this particular sector at a global scale. USA has always been one of the leading nations in aerospace industry, followed closely by Russia. However, over the last couple of decades; countries like India, China, Israel, Germany and France have also made a tremendous progress. 

What does an Aerospace Engineer Do? 

As far as job roles of Aerospace engineers are concerned, it involves  designing, analyzing, testing, troubleshooting and developing sophisticated and  advanced technology in the domain of spacecraft, defense, aviation. Here is a brief insight into some of their major job roles (tasks depend on job title):

  • Assessing the designing requirements and proposals
  • Determining the feasibility aspect of a project, both technically as well as financially
  • Discussing about timescales, specifications and budget with the clients
  • Doing intensive theoretical and practical research
  • Evaluating designs for confirming that the products are at par with the engineering principles
  • Ensuring that the design meets the requirements of the customer
  • Coordinate, direct, produce and implement different type of designs; manufacturing and testing procedures
  • Measuring the performance of the aircrafts and brining about necessary improvements
  • Testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products 
  • It is also their responsibility to figure out whether the proposed project would end up producing safe parts and aircrafts 
  • They also ensure that the project in hand meets the quality standard.

Apart from these, there are various other important factors which aerospace engineers need to look into. Right from the planning of a project, to designing and executing; it is the aerospace engineers who are in charge, being supported by other technical staffs.

What are the types of Aerospace Engineers?

In the domain of aerospace engineering, there are requirements for engineers from different fields. Here is a brief insight for you.

  • Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers are required in this field to design various models of missiles, airplanes, spacecrafts and others. 
  • Spacecraft Designer: As the name suggests, these professionals are required to design spacecrafts and also to carry out research to make them more safe
  • Military Aerospace Engineer: These engineers are required to design and manufacture fighter planes, which are completely different as opposed to the civil ones, in terms of their design and mechanism
  • Data Processing Manager: Working with computer simulation is one of the major aspects to aerospace engineering. This is where data processing managers come into the picture
  • Technicians: These people are required to inspect, repair the crafts and also to carry out regular maintenance work
  • Drafter: The first and the most important thing of a project is to draw a proper blue print. This is the stepping stone. It is the responsibility of a drafter to take care of this part
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Power Electronic engineer
  • Software engineer

Aerospace engineer salary in USA

The salary of a aerospace engineer in the USA, depends on various factors, like his qualification,, experience and others. However, the expected average salary is $83,710

Aerospace engineer salary in Europe

Here is a list of salaries of aerospace engineers in different countries of Europe 

  • Austria â‚¬73 758 EUR ($83,335 USD)
  • Belgium           â‚¬ 76.994 EUR ($87 USD)
  • Czech Republic            978 129 CZK ($43,067 USD)
  • Denmark         654.652 DKK ($99,082 USD)
  • Estonia 29 954 € EUR ($33,844 USD)
  • France 67 478 EUR ($76,242 USD)
  • Germany         85.510 EUR ($96,611 USD)
  • Iceland 9.905.625 ISK ($82,541 USD)
  • Italy     â‚¬64.781 EUR ($73,191 USD)
  • Netherlands    â‚¬ 73.737 EUR ($83,313 USD)
  • Norway           kr 909 166 NOK ($107,052 USD)
  • Poland 122 664 PLN ($32,448 USD)
  • Spain   49.532 € EUR ($55,964 USD)
  • Sweden           603.072kr SEK ($65,237 USD)
  • Switzerland     117’175 CHF ($115,972 USD)
  • Turkey 101.581 TRY ($17,693 USD)
  • United Kingdom          ÂŁ65,740 GBP ($85,731 USD)

Is there a demand for aerospace engineers?

There has always been demand for experienced and qualified aerospace engineers. Over the last couple of decades, the demand has increased tremendously, as this particular industry is experiencing a massive boom all over the world. 

The fact that there are requirements for different types of engineers in this domain, makes it a very dynamic field. From mechanical engineers, to computer engineers; there is lucrative career opportunity for everyone in this industry. It is expected that in next 5 years, countries like India, China, USA and Russia would make further progress in this industry, which would ask for more engineers. 

Those who aspire to pursue their career in this domain, can certainly be hopeful for a bright career. There are plenty of openings and job opportunities that await for the aspirants in this domain, throughout the world 

Learn more

Aerospace Bearings

When it comes to aerospace engineering, it is about building and designing machines and devices which are capable of flying. It is considered to be as one of the newest and latest branch of engineering . It first came into picture during 19th century, and the first experiment was conducted on power lights. With time, the technology progressed and more advanced and sophisticated techniques and mechanisms were introduced. Two separate fields were introduced in this domain, which are as follows

  • Aeronautical Engineering: This field is about designing different types of aircrafts such as gliders, jets, fixed winged airplanes, helicopters and autogyros. 
  • Astronautical Engineering: This particular field of engineering is about planning, designing and development of space craft.

To sum is up, astronotical engineers are primarily involved in the task of designing an aircraft which is capable of flying within the atmosphere of the earth. On the other hand, when it comes to astronautical engineers, their primary job is do plan and designs crafts which are capable of flying outside the Earth’s atmosphere. 

What are Aerospace Bearings? 

Aerospace bearings are specially designed bearings which are installed in aerospace and aircraft systems; which includes private, military, commercial and different types of space applications. There are different types of materials which are used to make these bearing, which are used in the aerospace industry. Here is a brief insight into some of them

  • AMS6491 (M50 Steel)
  • AMS6444 (Carbon Chrome Steel)
  • AMS5930 (A special type of corrosion resistant material) 
  • Stainless steel
  • Silicon Nitride, also known as ceramic
  • 440 C Titanium carbide-coated

In the domain of aerospace engineering, special care and attention is given when it comes to various different aspects like material specification, quality control and check, non-destructive testing and others. The fact that bearings are used to ensure smooth functioning of the machines and different devices, it is made sure that they are made of the best quality materials available. Besides, these bearings are tested on numerous occasions before they are installed in any machine or device. 

There are a couple of important aspects which needs to be taken into consideration while designing the bearings which are used in the aerospace industries. They are as follows:

  • Standard of materials used in making the bearings
  • Design of the bearings
  • The type of lubrication which needs to be used in order to keep the bearings active and operative
  • It is ensured that these bearings survives non-destructive testing, so that their strength and durability can be judged. 
  • These bearings go through different types of treatments and surface coatings
  • Traceability is another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration while designing these bearings. 

In order to make sure that the optimum level performance can be yielded, it is absolutely essential to make sure that these bearings are made from the best quality steel. As far as the bearings used in jet engines are concerned, they are made from metals. These metals are made by using  a special type of vacuum arc remelt, so that the material requirement could be easily met. 

In accessory drive shaft bearing and jet engine shaft bearing, a single or two piece machined retainers are being used. Those moulded retainers or pressed steel, which are used in normal bearings are not used in this domain. Apart from these, various other things like special lubricants, greases and resistant oils are used. It needs to be made sure that the lubricant used is of the best of qualities; else the performance of the bearings could be compromised. 

What are the main usages?

In order to implement the reliability of the bearings, there are a couple of important aspects which are taken into consideration. Here are some of them

  • Magnetic Particle Test of steel balls, races and different types of rollers’
  • Acid Etch Test of steel balls, rollers and races
  • Eddy Current Test of steel balls, rollers and races
  • Dynamic Balance Adjustment and Silver Plate of machined cages
  • Fiber Flow Formation of races
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Test of machined cages 

Here are some of the uses of the bearings used in aerospace engineering 

  • They help to decrease in the rate of consumption of fuel
  • These bearings ensure that every single machine and device yields improved conditions even under the most adverse of conditions
  • They have proven to be very useful when it comes to reducing the cost of maintenance
  • The offer highly optimized and advanced mechatronic solutions 

These are some of the main uses of the bearings used in the aerospace industry. 

What are the Different Common Types of Bearing to be used in the Aerospace Industry?

By now, you already have some idea about the roles and importance of bearings in aerospace industry. However, it is also important to know about the different types of bearing which are used and their functions. In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the bearings to be used in this industry. Besides, you would also be offered some light on how these bearings are used.

  • Journal Bearing: Also known as sliding bearing or plain bearing; it is the simplest types of bearings to be used. It consists of a bearing surface and has no rolling element. As a result, the journal slides over the surface of the bearing. 
  • Roller Bearing: Also known as rolling-element bearing, these are quite similar to that of ball bearings and are designed for the purpose of carrying load by minimizing fiction. However, cylinder rolling elements are used here, instead of balls, so that separation could be maintained between the bearing’s moving parts. 
  • Ball Bearing: This is a type of bearing, where balls are used for maintaining the distance between the races of the bearing. One of the functions of ball bearings is to support axial and radial load, and also to reduce rotational friction. 
  • Collar Bearing: It is nothing but a thrust bearing which comes with faces which are capable of resisting axial pressure of multiple collars on the rotating shat. These bearings are very popular, when it comes to withstanding the axial loads. 

Apart from these, there are different other types of bearings which are used in the aerospace sector. Here is a list for you

  • Air Bearings
  • Bearing Components
  • Ball Bearing Splines
  • Bearings
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Carbon Bearing
  • Engine Bearing
  • Cylindrical Bearings
  • Friction Bearings
  • Flexural Pivot Bearings
  • Gas Bearings
  • High Temperature Bearings
  • Graphite Bearings
  • Jewel Bearings
  • Linear Bearings
  • Metallic Bearings
  • Magnetic Bearings
  • Oil less Bearings
  • Needle Bearings
  • Plastic Bearings
  • Pillowblocks
  • Precision Bearings
  • Rod End Bearings
  • Radial Bearings
  • Self-Aligning Bearings 
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Self-Lubricated Bearings
  • Slotted Entry Bearings
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Special Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Tapered Bearings
  • Track Roller Bearings.

These are the different types of bearings which are used in the aerospace industry, all over the world. From the making of a spacecraft to manufacturing different parts and devices, these bearing play a very important role. The fact that so many different types of them are uses, gives a clear idea about the diverse nature of mechanism, that goes into the process of manufacturing in the aerospace industry. 

Few of the Top Bearing Suppliers to the Aerospace Industry 

It needs to be made sure of, that every single bearing to be used is of the best quality. This is one of the reasons, as to why the aerospace companies from all over the world are very selective, when it comes to choosing their suppliers. Here are some of the top bearing suppliers in the world, who are trusted upon by the aerospace industry

  • NTN-SNR Roulements Argonany
  • SKF Group
  • Rexnord Industries, LLC
  • Aurora BearingCompany
  • Kamatics Corporation
  • IMP GmbH & Co. KG
  • Hutchinson Aerospace
  • NMB Minebea UK Ltd
  • Accurate Bushing Co. Inc
  • New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc
  • LORD Corporation USA
  • Minebea Mitsumi Co, Ltd 

Apart from these, there are many other bearing suppliers who cater to the needs and requirements of the aerospace companies from all over the world. However, talking if the top players, these are some of the names, which would appear, right the top of the list.

Like any other industries, in aerospace sector, an array of different types of devices and equipment are used. Besides, there are tons of different types of parts which also plays an important role in making of the air craft, space crafts, and other vehicles. In order to make sure that these parts, peripherals and different devices can operate smoothly, without causing excessive fiction, the use of bearings are absolutely pivotal. As mentioned, there are different types of these bearings which are used and every single one of them have specific use. If you are looking for more details on the types and use of bearings in the aerospace industry, run a search over the internet. You will be overloaded with information. 

Getting assistance from Industry experts:

Connecting with Aerospace & Defense industry experts is one of the alternative solution in order to ask the different question that you have and to seek the advices that you need. Feel free to have a look at the services providers that we listed for you in the following categories:

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Aerospace Trade Show And Conference in North America

The aerospace and defense industry are two of the biggest industries that exist in today’s time. Both these two industries hold significant importance in many ways. With billions of dollars of investment and business transactions, the USA has a massive aerospace and defense market. In the modern economy, these two industries have to lead to the growth of different new technologies and innovations over the years.

In the last 10 – 15 years, huge developments have taken place in both the aerospace and defense sectors. In the US, it is supposedly growing at a CAGR of above 3.5%. Aerospace and defense industries are an integral part of e every country. With time the importance of both these two sectors is going to go up. Today, we will be talking about the same and also discuss the best aerospace trade show and conference.

Aerospace & Defense Market in the USA

When it comes to aerospace and defense, not many countries around the world can compete with the levels of the United States. With a CAGR growth rate of above 3%, it is the largest when you look from the infrastructure and manufacturing aspects of the industry. In 2018 alone, exports of the aerospace industry were more than $166 billion USD and that lead to the creation of a positive trade balance with a net worth of more than $80 billion USD. It produces and manufactures a lot of primary equipment and machines like commercial aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft, warships, satellites, etc.

Not all of then are used by the country’s national military reserve but also exported to other countries which generate billions of dollars in revenue for the government. Investments in the aerospace sector are majorly facilitated by the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration. They ensure seamless and most secured transactions and manufacturing process for the equipment. The FAA, in turn, has Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements (BASAs) which helps to facilitate the trade approval for US-manufactured technology and equipment across 47 countries.

The industry has seen a massive demand in both commercial and military aircraft and other necessary equipment, in the past couple of years. Industry-leading names like the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing Company, United Technologies Corporation, etc. are getting a good amount of orders to manufacture the necessary. The staggering number of orders and ever-increasing demands havo lead to the steady flow of investments and capital in the industries.

According to Deloitte, the size of the US defense market is the biggest in the world with an estimated net worth of around $1.72 trillion USD. On the other hand, the commercial figures are quite interesting and huge as well. It is being stated that in the next 20 years, Boeing will be generating a total revenue of more than $5 trillion USD. The figures can be reached before as well. So, you can understand how big the defense and aerospace industries are in the US.

Why Join a Trade Show/Conference in the USA?

Visiting a trade show or conference has a lot of benefits which you should know about. Trade shows allow you to connect, communicate, and make your audience aware of your products and services in the best possible manner. It is the place where you would want people to be exposed to your technology and innovations.

Raise Brand Awareness – one of the biggest benefits of joining a trade show or conference is to raise your brand awareness. People often relate to different brands depending on how much they have been exposed to it. You need to make them aware of your presence in the industry and tell them about your business. Raising brand awareness at a trade show is not rocket science and is quite easy. You will need to create eye-catching adverts and graphics that will be engaging enough for the audience. Make sure to put your brand name and logo prominently where everyone can see it. Also, don’t forget to add your social media information in order to allow the people to search you online.

Develop Business Relationships – regardless of how big or popular your company already is, you will always need help in the industry. That is why it is imperative to develop positive business relationships with other brands and companies. Forge alliances industry-related brands and get into discussions with them regarding how you can work together for each other’s betterment. A trade show or conference offers the best face-to-face conversation with the top officials. Take a look at the different events that will be conducted at the conference, and try to mingle with them when you feel it is the appropriate time. Check out the schedule, event details and ask the officials to provide details about the brands.

Competitor Analysis – when you are in any industry, there is always a competitor who is trying to overtake you in terms of success, popularity, and revenue. Competitiveness in the industry leads to growth and development for many companies and that is a positive sign. The aerospace industry surely has lots of competitors and you can analyze their strategies, motives, work plan, etc. at a trade show or conference. You will be able to do in-depth research and make observations of their activities. This will allow you to understand their gameplan well.

Getting assistance from Industry experts:

Connecting with Aerospace & Defense industry experts is one of the alternative solution in order to ask the different question that you have and to seek the advices that you need. Feel free to have a look at the services providers that we listed for you in the following categories:

Top 30 Trade Show And Conference in the USA

Here are the top 30 trade shows or conferences that are held in the United States of America – 

National Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition – last year NBAA saw more than 25,000 people who came to admire technology and get close to the science that is behind it. Almost 100 companies took part in it and demonstrated to the audience about the brand new technologies and services they usually offer.

MRO Americas – for 25 years, MRO Americas have been one of the most popular tradeshow in North America. They have thousands of attendees to their show and several brands and sponsors who come together to host this event.

Heli Expo – Heli Expo is mostly flocked by aspirants who want to take a sneak peak into the helicopter industry and innovations of the year. An estimated 18,000 attendees and 700+ brands are supposedly going to take part in this show. This is the second biggest trade show on our list.

XPotential – from energy, transportation and aerospace, XPotential is flocked by over 8500+ attendees from all over the country. Several renowned companies and startups can be found at this annual tradeshow with their products. XPotential is the 4th biggest trade show here.

Aerospace and Defence Supplier Summit – with 700+ companies and 1600+ delegates from all over the world. They have a massive partnership with Boeing and their summit is one of the best you can look forward attending to.

AEROMART Montreal – this tradeshow offers a wonderful opportunity for aerospace enthusiasts to come in touch with a huge network of startups and well-established companies every year. OEM’s, Tiers 1, the entire supply chain and several other companies come together here.

Satellite – Satellite Tradeshow has turned out to become one of the most renowned aerospace event in the United States. With 15,000+ attendees and 300+ exhibitors, Satellite is the third biggest trade show in the US on our list.

American Helicopter Society – Usually held in Pennsylvania, the American Helicopter Society International is a trade show where you can expect more than 1200+ attendees and over 45 companies to take part in the event. Professionals and startups from the aerospace and aviation industry flock in this trade show.

Airborne Law Enforcement Association Annual Conference – One of the best shows in the USA, the ALEA is attended by more than 1200 visitors every year and you will come across 125 brands from different sectors of the aerospace industry.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In – one of the biggest aerospace trade show in the whole of USA, the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh expects well over 100,000 attendees with more 800 brands of the aviation and aerospace industry. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest trade show in US.

AIAA Propulsion & Energy Forum & Exhibition – next on the list is the AIAA PEFE that features a wide range of communities of highly qualified and recognized professionals from various sectors of the aviation industry. 1,500 attendees and 60 brand exhibitors will be arriving here.

Regional Airline Association – head to the RAA to come across 170+ brands from the aerospace and defense industry, making the attendee count well over 2500. The trade show promises a hug level of crowd participation and discussions.

InterDrone Conference – a massive assembly of more than 3500+ attendees and 155 brands, the InterDrone conference is worth waiting for. It brings together different brands and technologies from various communities and states of the US. Making it a great platform for great opportunities to all the participating companies.

Airline Passenger Experience Association – this trade show helps to ensure that a lot of different and miscellaneous aerospace companies to come together and work for the benefit of the industry. It easily expects a crowd of 3000+ people and 150 brand exhibitors from the aviation industry.

Airports Council International – the ACI brings together the best in the aerospace industry. They work with professionals and help to improve the overall developments in the industry. The show will possibly be attended by 1700+ people and 129 brands will be arriving for the show.

Air, Space & Cyber Conference & Technology Exposition – an estimated 9000+ guests are going to attend this aerospace event and more than 90+ brands have been invited. They offer new opportunities and innovations in the field of air, space, and aerospace cyber capabilities. Of all the trades shows we have mentioned, it occupies the fourth position in the number of attendees.

GSE Expo Worldwide – took place in Vegas and it is an aerospace space show with over 2500 attendees and 210+ aerospace brands. The show is expected to provide unmatched and excellent opportunities to the brands to outreach to others and work together in community and industry.

Air Cargo Americas – if you want to develop good business networks and expose yourself to a healthy crowd of genuinely interested people, then this is the show you wouldn’t want to miss. It attracts an average of 6000 visitors and 200 companies from the various aviation sector.

National Agricultural Aviation Association – the NAAA features a highly interesting and fun and aerospace trade conference for the people in the US. the NAAA discusses majorly how aerospace innovations can help to improve agriculture in different ways and means.

Association of Air Medical Services – air medical services are very important and that is why the AMTC conference is dedicated to it. They have over 2500 attendees in the last year and more than 100 brands come to participate. It is the best place to take up social and industrial challenges with other people in the industry.

So, here are the top aerospace trade shows and conferences that you can attend in the US. Make sure to go through our list and check which one is going to be hosted close to your area.

Finding a job at an Aerospace Company

No matter if you are looking for an engineering, technician or executive position at an Aerospace or Defense company, we recommend you the following steps:

  1. To search for the preselected Company’s website and to look for any contact information available in order to send an application. Human ressources contact information are best but they are sometime not available online. You should realize this step to a small number of selected companies.
  2. Another good practice would be to use LinkedIn contact search feature in order to find the right contact within the targeted businesses. To do so, preselect the location filter, enter the name of the targeted company and look for any contacts with the same position that you target or from the human ressources department.
  3. To ask for more information/ help to the contacts that you found in the selected companies. It is always easier to get an answer when you ask for some advises. Try to connect with the targeted contact and to potentially organise a quick phone call in order to ask your questions about the work environment, the position,.. before applying. Your new connections would increase your chances of success with your application.
  4. Apply to the available position potentially referring to your new connection and referencing the information learned during your previous conversations.

AerospaceExport Job Application Service

AerospaceExport Job Application Service is an easy way to send your application to hundreds selected companies (including Boeing, Safran, Airbus, GKN, …) in one simple process.

DOING BUSINESS WITH an Aerospace company?

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Aerospace Business For Sale

Despite the COVID crisis, the aerospace industry has witnessed huge growth in the recent years and there have been significant developments made in it. In the last decade alone, we have have seen massive changes that are taking place in all the fields and aspects of aerospace industry. Many startups and already established companies are coming together in order to improve and provide better technology and innovations into this field. The aviation and aerospace industry has a bigger role to play in the coming years. However, in order to bring new innovations, inventions, sustainable and sophisticated technology, consequent investments are required.

Without the financial push, it is impossible to get the work done and improve the sector. New startups cannot function and successfully fulfill their agendas and objectives. So, in this article we will be discussing about The process of buying and selling aerospace businesses.

Merger & Acquisition in the Aerospace & Defense Market 

One of the most commonly soughted after business strategy in the aerospace industry is merger and acquisition. A lot of companies around the globe who have a huge turnover and big names for themselves, use this strategy in order to to benefit their own business and grow faster than the rest of the competition in the market. One of the best reasons why the strategy is so much popular is because it allows the big names of the industry to acquire creative and professional experts from the market. Hence, allowing them to work even better and getting a larger share of the aerospace industry.

In any industry, organic growth and inorganic growth plays a huge part in the overall success of a company. Organic growth takes a lot of time to make a company successful and is a far more natural process than the latter. In case of inorganic growth, in this instance, merger and acquisition strategy, allows a company to improve and build up their portfolio faster.

Acquisitions in the aerospace industry can be of different kind and of different things. Companies look for acquiring better technological innovation, creativity and knowledge in order to fulfill their demands at the highest level. However, merger and acquisition has some disadvantage under it’s bag as well. A wrong acquisition can hit a company really bad. It can cripple the financial and managing structure of the company in a negative way big time.

Why to buy an Aerospace Business?

As we have already mentioned, the aerospace industry has transformed into a huge sector over the last 10 – 15 years. The airplane business has seen a highly cyclical and volatile growth chart. With globalization, people started to travel to different parts of the world and that is why air travel become more and more popular. We have already seen by 2020, that people prefer to travel via airplanes for most part of their life. Traveling by air is much faster, more comfortable and convenient. The demand for manufacturing more aeroplanes and aerospace equipment over the years shows the popularity for an aerospace business. Big names in the industry like Boeing and Airbus have upcycle of deliveries every year and it remains very strong. The global aerospace industry was already worth $838 billion back in 2017 and the numbers only increased, making it one of the most lucrative industry to invest your money on.

What are types of aerospace business?

If you are planning to invest or acquire an aerospace business in 2020, then you must be aware of the different businesses that are present. Take a look at this list where we discuss about the several aerospace businesses.

  • Component Manufacturer (Tier 3 Level) – these are the companies which make different components for aerospace products. These companies include Arconic, Bombardier and United Technologies.
  • Part Manufacturer (Tier 2 Level) – Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, BOEING are the top part manufacturers in the industry. They manufacture and produce different parts for aerospace technology and equipment.
  • System Manufacturer (Tier 1 Level) – system manufacturers are the top level companies which design, create and manufacture different systems for aerospace and aviation technologies.
  • Aircraft Manufacturer (OEM) – as the name suggests, you can understand that these companies are responsible for making aircrafts of different kinds.

So, here are some of the different aerospace businesses that you can choose to acquire. All of them hold their own kind of importance and that is why you will need to research and know about them very clearly before investing in them.

What is a business broker?

If you doing business for sometime now, then you must have at least an idea of who a business broker is. Isn’t it? A business broker is a highly trained and experienced professional who helps the people to sell and buy different businesses they want to. Every industry in the world has business brokers in it who facilitate the transaction between clients and buyers. They have huge role to play in the overall merger and acquisition strategy as well. Brokers offer valuable guidance, advice and different other resources for facilitating a smooth and hassle-free transaction over the course of time. 

Business brokers undergo years of training and self-learning in order to acquire the skill of buying and selling different businesses to others. It helps companies and individuals to save a lot of their time and resources. Brokers have well connected networks with other professional financiers, accountants, attorneys, businessmen, and various other people. In the light of the seller, a business broker can put together the overall marketing package and make them decide which offer they should go for and which one will benefit them the most. In terms of the buyer, a broker introduces them to genuine and interested buyers or investors. This allows them to pitch their ideas and bring forward what they want to sell at the right place.

Business brokers in the aerospace industry can help you find good startups and newly formed companies who hold significant potential. They help you to identify which companies are going to achieve new heights in the future and allow you to make a wise decision regarding your investments. If you are planning to acquire an aerospace business, then you must get hold of a good business broker in the very first place.

Best aerospace business broker listing

In today’s world, all of us are connected in some way or the other. There are several aerospace businesses that are available for sale in different parts of the world. If you want to buy one of those promising aerospace companies, then you must check a reliable aerospace broker listing. Here are top aerospace business broker listing.

  • BizQuest – BizQuest is one of the oldest aerospace business broker listing established in 1994. Their mission is really simple and that is to connect different brokers with the potential and genuine buyers around the country. They have a huge inventory of over 30,000 businesses and a robust directory. Their mobile and desktop websites are visited by hundreds of viewers every day.
  • GlobalBX – if you cannot find an appropriate broker and business, then it is high time that you visit GlobalBX website and check out their huge inventory from the available market. They have over 6000+ registered business brokers from different industry that includes aerospace as well. You can also go through their valuable directory and resources to get amazing tips.
  • Smergers – simple and smart way to get hold of genuinely interested buyers and sellers through verified profiles is Smergers. They have an amazing portfolio that allowed them to connect a lot of brokers with potential clients. You can visit them and go through the seamless website for huge opportunities.

So, here are the top aerospace business broker listing websites where you can get hold of some aerospace acquisitions Opportunity. All of them are popular and have thousands of visitors every day, making them highly reliable around the world.

Finding the right company to buy is usually harder and required to have your own contracted expert to find the best company for you. This can be particularly useful if your goal is to buy a company in a foreign country in order to grow in its domestic market.

Buying or selling an Aerospace company

Willing to buy or to sell an Aerospace or Defense business and you need some advices? Looking for a person with extensive knowledge in the Aerospace & Defense market and that have the experience in Merger & Acquisition in your local area?

Aerospace Export regroups experts from all location with all type of skills (sales rep, M&A consultant, lawyers, government officials,..). We specialized in supporting the organic and external growth of Aerospace & Defense companies. Our experts could be helpful so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

AerospaceExport Job Application Service

AerospaceExport Job Application Service is an easy way to send your application to hundreds selected companies (including Boeing, Safran, Airbus, GKN, …) in one simple process.

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COVID-19 : What impacts on the airline industry?

As we are all facing an unprecedented crisis we decided to share some thoughts about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the Airlines. This article results in the analysis of several publications from various sources which will be listed bellow.

What is the COVID-19 ?

According to the World Health Organisation, the newly discovered Coronavirus is a fast spreading virus that can cause serious respiratory illness. The Institut Pasteur reports that 30% to 60% of infected subjects are asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic which cause little or no clinical manifestations of the virus. For all the patients that arrive at the hospital on COVID-19 symptoms, 20% remain in the hospital while 5% require admission to intensive care.

The COVID-19 problematic

What makes this virus particularly dangerous is that most of the infected patients won’t have any / few  clinical manifestations of the virus while being contagious. This result in an epidemic that spreads at an alarming speed in our worldwide connected countries thanks to modern transportation. While only a small percentage of the infected patients would need their admission into intensive care, the quickening rate of infection and the length of the stays in intensive care is what really threaten the healthcare system. Every country have a specific intensive care capacity determined by the number of ventilators, beds, the availability of the hospital staff and medical supplies.

COVID-19: Why the lockdown and social distancing

This pandemic has caught the world by surprise and most of the countries weren’t ready to face it. The lockdown procedure is an emergency action that has been taken in order to contain the pandemic by reducing the daily exposition of infected patients. By staying home and keeping your distance, you limit your social interaction and the number of person that you infect. The lockdown has an immense impact on the economy but is a necessary procedure to help the healthcare system facing the epidemic.

COVID-19: What potential resolution

While it is very hard to predict when this crisis will end, we can focus on what would be the events that will end the proliferation of the virus. 

  • A vaccin: several organisations are currently working on a vaccin for the COVID-19. It is unclear as of when this vaccin would be available but Bill Gates is expecting to have a solution for Q2 or Q3 2021.
  • Herd immunity: is obtained when 60-70% of the population get immunity to the virus. Two paths are possible toward herd immunity. The first one is with a vaccin that will develop the immunity without exposing the patient to the risk of death. The second way is by natural exposition of the population to the virus. This second option highly criticized as it represents a risk for the population. While some specialists predict that we won’t develop herd immunity for years due to social distancing, others are more optimistic. Indeed as a significant portion of the population infected doesn’t have any symptoms and because we are currently lacking of COVID-19 tests, another prediction is that an higher percentage of the population is currently immune to the COVID-19. If true, this prediction would bring us months to a resolution to this crisis.
  • Treatments: There are numerous scientists working on different treatment that might be promising to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them have already shown some interesting early results such as the hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin , the Tucilizumab (a monoclonal antibody), Remdesivir and other are promising but still in experimental phase. Treatments to COVID-19 infected patients are months away and will help to reduce the patients death rate and the length of stay in hospitals.
  • Higher capacity of the healthcare system: As described above, the current shortage / limitation of important medical equipments, supplies and staff wouldn’t allow us to face this pandemic without emergency procedures such as the lockdown / social distancing. Every days more ventilators, protection equipments and other medical supplies are being produced which is slowly helping us to increase the capacity of our healthcare system. 

Time is plying in our favor during this unprecedented crisis and we could expect a resolution months away in an optimistic scenario of a faster herd immunity or in 2021/2022 for a pessimistic scenario where we would need to wait for a vaccin. Several countries announced planning on carefully leaving the confinement phase beginning of May while maintaining some activity restriction. Analyzing the first 2 weeks of statistical data gathered in this new phase will help to understand the current trend and if positive to continue moving the end of this crisis. It is highly expected that governments are going to try to follow a thin line taking actions that protect the economy while making sure that the number of COVID-19 infected patients doesn’t exceed the capacity of the healthcare system.

COVID-19: What impact on the airlines business?

The number of commercial flights have dropped between 60 to 90% depending the continent. Most airlines are suspending their flights, borders are remaining closed and planes are grounded which is costing millions daily. Flybe, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Norwegian,.. airlines are dangerously threatened by this crisis. Without operation revenue airlines’ cash reserves are deceasing at an alarming rate. Many of them secured or are about to secure loans from government or the private sector in order to allow them to resist those difficult times. Some of them are accelerating the retirement plan for their old aircrafts and canceling orders of new aircrafts from OEM. 

COVID-19 have and will have a major impact on the airline industry. Some of the causes are directly related to the virus proliferation and some others are indirectly related.

  • Health safety concerns: The COVID-19 unfortunately managed to create fear among all of us. We don’t feel safe anymore and life appears to be more precious to us. This fear will play an important role helping population to keep wearing protective equipments and allowing to maintain social distancing. It is highly probable that this feeling remains after this pandemic and all none essential products & services will have to particularly convince the customer on that point. Airlines will have to be innovative to convince their customers to fly again by demonstrating that health safety is as important as flight safety. Some airline such as Delta already started leading the way with their “delta clean” service. 
  • Digitalization: With the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus we observe a significant growth of Visio-conference systems and other tools that allow businesses to maintain a certain level of activity while allowing their employees working from home. It is certain that worldwide businesses will definitely rely more on theses technologies in the future. The COVID-19 crisis has been the event that triggered that transition pushing companies to modify their processes and adapt to the situation. There are several advantages that have been reported with this new working organization. Less traveling time has allowed professionals to gain a lot of productive time. An improvement in the work/life balance has been witnessed in several companies that weren’t used to the home office. Nevertheless, we can’t have an entire digital society as a lot of companies don’t have a type of activity fully or partially compatible. You can’t build an aircraft’s engine from home and some face to face meetings will still be needed. A recent Stanford studies highlights few important points to take into consideration while encouraging home office in businesses. Good productivity rates can only be achieved if professionals are working home alone without having to take care of any other family member. Professionals in visio-conference meetings are not as innovative as in face to face meetings. Lastly a long exposition of professionals to home office can create loneliness, isolation and depression feelings. Home office practices will definitely play a more important role in our daily professional life but we will certainly combine those new practices with old ones in order to allow us to maintain essential social interactions.

COVID-19: What resolution for airline industry

It is pretty hard to forecast specific dates or time for the resolution of this crisis but we can imagine it to be in three different steps.

The Quarantine phase:

The quarantine has been introduced pretty early as an emergency action set up by governments to fight against COVID-19 in order to protect the population. This phase as a dramatic impact on the airline industry as only essentials, repatriations and cargo flights are allowed worldwide. As previously indicated, the number of worldwide flights  decreased by 60 to 90% depending of the region. This phase will really hurt airlines cash reserves and push them to enter into a surviving mode.

It is unclear how long this phase will last as it will depend on the spread of the virus and the evolution of the number of cases. While several countries entered or are entering the next pre recover phase, it is possible that we will have to backtrack if a second wave surges.

The Pre-Recovery phase:

This phase allows the population to gradually leave the confinement toward a more “normal” way of living. Only none essential businesses remain closed and will be opening step by step.

Domestic flights can expect to start first as most of the borders will remain closed at the beginning of the phase. Argentina has announced to ban flight tickets sales until September 1st. Social distancing could be mandatory for every flight during that phase as wearing protective equipment at the airport and during a flight. Borders will gradually open during that phase but only the “braves” will fly. Airline will have to really convince their customers on their health safety concerns.

This phase could probably last up to the end of 2021 depending how fast we get a 70% herd immunity.

The Recovery phase:

The recovery phase will only start with the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. Some analysts predict that we will get back to pre-crisis level around 2024 but it really depends on the following points:

  • The impact of the digitalization on business travels: Would we continue to travel for face to face business meeting? Probably for some of the most important ones but how often and what would be the impact for the airline industry.
  • Aircraft cleaning and disinfection: It is absolutely certain that Airlines will have to convince on this topic and be really innovative on ways to limit the spread of virus and germs during a flight. 
  • Social distancing: Would we maintain social distancing in aircrafts? Maintaining social distancing could have an extremely important impact on the airline business and could reshape the entire aerospace industry. By significantly reducing the number of seats in an aircraft and maintaining that measure as a new standard, we could see the end of economic flight travels. This measure won’t be probably maintained as it would drastically reduce the total market size putting many low cost carrier out of business. Nevertheless, business class travel could emerge as a preferred standard for every small business and corporate flights.
  • The recovery of the touristic international travels: How will we travel internationally in the future? The willingness to limit the emission of CO2 combined with the fear to get sick in a foreign country will have an impact on international touristic travels. Airlines would have to address those two points if willing to recover what flights volume it used to be.
  • Impact of new technologies: New Air Taxi, Autonomous vehicles, hybrid and electric aircrafts will impact the global transportation market. It will redefine the way we move around. Regional airlines could be the first ones to be really impacted in the years to come and this crisis could accelerate the trend.

Aerospace Venture Capital (VC) firms

The aerospace industry has seen major growth and development in the last decade. Over the course of 10 years, huge developments have taken place and are continuing to grow. Numerous startups and well-known companies are working together to make the aerospace industry one of the most important in the whole world. But, in order to get all the things going, huge investments and capital are required for every company out there.

Without the right financial help, it becomes almost impossible for any company, be it a startup or a multi-million business firm, to carry out the objectives they have in mind. This is even more true in the case of startups and newbies. That is why aerospace venture capital firms hold significant importance in the overall success of the aerospace industry over the last decade. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about aerospace venture capital and it’s other aspects.

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Merger & Acquisition in the Aerospace & Defense Market

Merger & Acquisition in the industry of aerospace and defense is one of the most common business strategies that is being followed. Several companies across the globe are following this strategy to benefit themselves. One of the biggest reasons why it is important is that it helps the big names in the industry to grow faster than their smaller competitors. Thus, capturing a larger share of the aerospace market.

Determination and hard work are the two most important elements that can drive any organization or startup to move forward. There are two options in this case – organic growth and inorganic growth. In terms of organic growth, it is really time-consuming as the process is more natural. But, inorganic growth in the form of merger and acquisition helps to expand more rapidly and their portfolio improves faster. 

Acquisitions in the industry may not be of the same sector, but can also be indifferent sectors around the world. This helps to add more technological innovation and knowledge in order to meet customer demand at the highest levels. But, it comes with disadvantages as well.

The biggest disadvantage is that a wrong merger or acquisition can lead to massive debts, which makes way for long term losses. It can affect the overall financial structure and economy of any company in a serious manner.

Many companies in the aerospace and defense industry are following the strategy of merger and acquisition in order to get the success they want. Over the years, we have seen many aerospace startups and companies taking over their weaker counterparts and that leads them to greater ability to work on their goals and achieve their targets.

What Are Venture Capital?

Venture capital is an institutional or private investment that is usually made into very or early-stage startup companies. As we already mentioned, it involves huge risks in terms of debts and financial structure, but it can also benefit a company to achieve better innovations, ideas and professional members.

In simple words, venture capital is the money that is invested when a business is still small or is existing only in terms of an initiative. Big companies offer venture capitals to those startups which offer tremendous potential for growth and profits in the near future.

People or companies who provide the capital are known as Venture Capitalists. One can become a Venture Capitalist by buying the majority of the shares in the proposed company. Risk Capital or Patient Risk Capital are other names given to venture capital. 

Venture capital surely involves a huge risk, but everything in the world of business is a risk. That is why it is a great strategy for many private investors and companies to follow this rule of merger or acquisition and take over smaller competitors and remove them from the equation.

Now that you are aware of what venture capital is, take a look at the basic difference between Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment Banking in the following segment.

Venture Capital vs Private Equity vs Investment Banking 

Venture capital, as you already read, is the capital that is invested in order to take over a lesser-known company or small initiative, that holds significant potential in the future. It is followed by big names in the market who want to grow and expand their business even more and help their needs to be met in the coming days. Even though it posses a huge risk, there is always a greater chance of better returns.

On the other hand, private equity is an investment class that consists of capital that does not gets listed on the public exchange. It is majorly composed of funds and the investors directly invest their money into the company. Mostly, institutional and retail investors are the ones who provide the money for private equity. This new capital can be used for bringing in new technology, equipment, bolster resources or in any other way which helps the company. Private equity does not mean taking over another company just like venture capital.

Investment Banking is a lot different from the other two forms of investments mentioned. It is a very specific division of the banking sector that is involved with the overall creation of the capital for different companies or the government. Banks related to investment banking underwrite the new debt and many equity securities that are used to aid the sales of securities and also facilitates the merger and acquisition strategy. 

So, as you can see, these are the major differences between Venture Capital vs Private Equity vs Investment Banking. You need to keep in mind that, just like any other industry, all these forms of investments and strategies are also seen in the aerospace and aviation industry big time.

Top Aerospace Venture Capital

In 2020, there are several aerospace venture capital firms who are always interested to invest and help new startups with financial aid. Take a look at this list of the top aerospace capital firms.

Safran Corporate Ventures – established in 2015, success drives Safran Corporate Ventures to help other companies relieve their dreams. It funds startups that have received breakthrough and hold the immense potential of growth in the future. They are always ready to help those companies who are working around the year to revolutionize the aeronautics and aerospace industry in a significant manner. 

Airbus Ventures – popular in the aerospace industry for helping the early- and increasingly, in growth-stage companies, Airbus Ventures are helping startups to achieve their goals. Their curators and professional experts provide first-hand help to the early-stage startup companies to guide them on how to survive in the industry and keep working on their goals and objectives over time. Airbus is one of the most popular venture companies in USA. 

Collins Dale Venture Firm – when it comes to sectors like Commercial, Private and Cargo Aircrafts, Aircraft Components, Satellites and Vectors and IT and Electronics for Aerospace, Collins Dale Venture Firm offer amazing Merger and Acquisition strategy to startups. They help those companies who come up with new innovations and ideas that can change the industry significantly for the good.

Honeywell Capital Venture Firm – Honeywell invests in their partner companies who can help them to accelerate and achieve their vision. They invest in a wide range of sectors which also includes aerospace and aviation industry. The company makes sure that their partners are in a close affinity of revolutionizing the industry together.

Boeing horizonX – the company turns new business ideas into reality and offers amazing support to newly formed companies in the market. They provide excellent access to research and development resources, global networking and customers to these startups. Boeing horizonX hosts numerous internal and external incubators in order to provide financial support to the new startups.

Jet Blue Venture – Jet Blue Venture is a leading venture branch of the JetBlue Airways. Their mission has always been to provide investment and support to the early stage aviation startups who are dedicated in providing the best technology for travel, transportation and also hospitality.

Founders Fund – The corporate strategy of Founders Fund is hugely based on innovation and transformation of the industry. Other benefits that are provided by Founders Fund include – access to an international network with leading experts, global commercial outreach, financial development agreements, etc. 

Khosla Ventures – with more than 8 fully ventured startup companies in under their name, Khosla Ventures have an impressive portfolio that consists of several startups around the world which show great value. They also help startups who plan to work on other sectors of the industry that includes AI, robotics, clean technology, etc.

Lux Capital – The team of young and highly-qualified engineers at Lux Capital is working with several startups from a different region to come together and help them financially and professionally to expand their business in the aerospace industry and market. Their ventures have benefitted a lot of startups in the aerospace industry over the course of the last few years.

Data Collective – aiming to provide high quality support and venture capital to different startups around the world, Data Collective have already created the Rocket Lab they launched several successful satellites into the orbit and also delivers a wide range of rocket systems and technology.

Bessemer Venture Partners – with over 117 IPOs Bessemer Venture Partners have generated over $2.4 billion in venture capital. They have helped numerous startup companies to achieve their dreams. Their main focus of investments has been on mobile, Aviation and e-commerce.

Andreessen Horowitz – this venture capital firm has over 36 rounds of funding in the previous year and generated over $300 million in capital fund. These funds are directed to newly formed companies who are mainly in the finance and aviation industry.

Draper Associates – a global investment venture company, Draper Associates helps early stage startup companies to get the financial support they need in order to work on their objectives over time. Formed in 1985, in the past few decades they have successfully raised over a billion dollars for helping entrepreneurs around the world.

Y Combinator – Y Combinator invests in a large number of startup companies who promise to deliver an industry changing potential. Since the year of 2005, they have funded over 2000 startups. The combined value of all the companies they have helped calculates to more than $100 billion.

Shasta Ventures – Shasta Ventures is an early stage investor partnering venture, lead by a team of dedicated and passionate professional members who want to deliver the industry with groundbreaking inventions. Their investment period is ideally for 3 months for early stage businesses and an average range of investment is anywhere between $175,000 – $350,000. It can be even more depending on the startup ideas.

Space Capital Partners – solely dedicated to the development and growth of newly formed aviation startups, Space Capital Partners have an estimated net funding of over $1 billion since they were established. They work year round to come together and collaborate with most promising aerospace startups in the country.

True Ventures – With over 17 rounds in the past year in 2019, True Ventures have deployed a total of $459.4 million since they were formed in 2006. On an average they have $27 million in funding per round. True Ventures mostly focuses on mobile enterprise, aerospace and aviation. True Ventures are one of the most reliable venture capital firm in the United States.

Promus Ventures – a fairly new company that had come to light and have helped quite a few startup companies in the aviation, aerospace, robotics and mobile industry, Promus Ventures has less than 3 rounds of funding round every year. But their team works really well in order to bring the early stage startup brands get in touch with investors who are really interested in their work and objectives for the future.

RRE Ventures – RRE Ventures have hosted around 8 rounds in the past year and was able to deploy $131.3 million in total of funding. They have over $16.4 million average funding per round. Their main focus of investments are towards Cloud Computing, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Crowdsourcing, Advertising Platforms, etc.

DFJ Venture Capital – one of the oldest capital venture firms in the United States, the DFJ Venture Capital is a well known name in this industry. They have over $300 million of public funding in different startups that are majorly based on software and aviation.

Tencent – established in China, Tencent is one of the largest software and technology company in the world with over 10,000+ employees. Founded 22 years back in 1998, they have successfully raised over $82 million in funding over the years. Majority of the startups they support with their finances are based in China, USA and India.

Bee Partners – based in USA, Bee Partners is a venture capital firm that has invested around $10 million in different startup companies with less than 3 major funding rounds. The companies they focus on belong to Crowdsourcing, Enterprise Software, Sales and Marketing and Aviation.

GGV Capital, Venture Investors, Tekes, SequoiaCapital, Canaan Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Base Ventures, Lockheed Martin, Autodesk, OurCrowd, Seraphim Capital, Capricorn Investment Group, Lemnos Labs Inc, BlueRun Ventures, Playground Global, Charles River VC, Lifeline Ventures, First Round Capital and the Saudi Royal Family are some other venture capital firms around the world which have provided amazing and relentless support to new startup companies.

So, these are the top aerospace venture capital firms which you need to know about. There are several other companies in the market as well, but we believe that these are the best when it comes to providing venture capital in aerospace.

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Aerospace Startups

In the last 10 years, the aerospace industry has undergone huge transformation and development that has to lead it to become one of the most lucrative industries to work in. Every year, a dozen new startups come up in this sector and many of them turn out to be really successful. Even though the competition is fierce and the market cap is huge, it is a fascinating market. 

Startups are taking the world by storm. New ideas, innovations, and perspectives come up with the establishment of new startups. Mostly these are headed by the younger set of the diaspora which makes startups even more attractive. If you are interested to know about different startups in the aerospace industry, then you need to take a look at our blog we have got today.

What are the different types of aerospace startups?

There are different segment of the aerospace industry whcich is highly dynamic for all type of startups currently:

  • Hybrid and Electric regional aircrafts
  • Electric VTOL aircrafts
  • Trafic control management
  • Aircraft Connectivity and Entertainmenet
  • New space (communication, research space exploration)
  • Autonomous Vehicles and UAV

Top Aerospace Startups in 2020

Around the world, a lot of aerospace startups are coming up. Investors are trying to make sure that these new companies take the aviation and aerospace industry to a whole new level. In this list, we will show you the top aerospace startups that are making headlines in 2020 – 

Lilium’s vision for Air Taxi

Lilium Gmbh – founded in 2015, Lilium Gmbh has received over $100 million in funding from private and public investors and is headquartered in Germany. This startup is working to develop and build an all-electric tilt jet integrated with VTOL or also known as Vertical Take-Off and Landing abilities. Their passenger aircraft can carry 4 people at a time and has the potential to reach a maximum speed of 185 mph! In order to spread and roll out there aerial mobility services, the company is collaborating with other startups to develop landing pad across the region. Once everything is in order, passengers will be able to book their flight via an exclusive app and select their desired landing destination effortlessly.

Exodus Space Corp – founded in 2018, Exodus Space Corp was established by Miguel Ayala keeping in mind a very unique objective of creating reusable and AI-operated planes for space. Ayala has been working in the engineering field for more than 20 years and has collaborated with several top companies for ground support and other technical services. The flagship project of Exodus Space Corp is the AstroClipper which is a two-stage-to-orbit spaceplane. This is a fully reusable and efficient device that will be paired with supersonic and hypersonic engines of spaceships. It will be possible to launch this from any kind of runway that is available in the vicinity. It can be put into use for a lot of different tasks like junk collection, transporting space crew and cargo, and commercial spaceflight as well. Exodus Space Corp plans to provide the world with other kinds of reusable spaceships and equipment also.

Boom Supersonic – a very exciting prospect and startup that has come up in the state of Denver, USA, is Boom Supersonic. Founded back in 2014, over the years the startup has gathered over $160 million in funding and currently employs 150+ professionals of all categories. Their main aim is to develop delta-wing supersonic passenger aircraft. The biggest project they have endeavored into is the Overture Jet that will be able to travel at Mach 2.2. It can carry 45 passengers at a time and they want to start their services by 2023. Their agenda has already attracted a number of customers who have pre-booked their flights from now.

Heart Aerospace – founded in 2018 by Anders Forslund, Heart Aerospace has set the goal to achieve the least expensive and fastest kind of mode that will help in regional travel. The major project that the company successfully completed a the ES-19 i.e. is an electronic airliner that can carry 19 passengers on board. The electric drive train is powerful enough to cover a distance of at least 250 miles without hassles. You’ll be surprised that is accompanied by a zero-emission chart. By 2025, the company is planning to launch the ES-19 commercially. Their work for high-speed regional travel and comfortable experience drives them all the time.

First Resonance – a different kind of aerospace startup, First Resonance is not involved in the creation or manufacturing of any aircraft or other systems. But, they develop and produce the infrastructure that is essential for startups to build and give their ideas to shape. Also founded in the year of 2018, Karan Talati and Neal Sarraf head the company whose main aim is to provide services in the field of designing, making, testing, and also analyzing. Talati is an experienced professional and was previously a member of SpaceX’s manufacturing team as well. His startup wants to revolutionize the different ways in which manufacturers make good starting from the initial stage of the production. They also have a dedicated software team, who want to develop better software and equipment for engineers and save their time and effort.

Eviation – Eviation is a new aerospace startup company that is working on sustainable regional travel. Their main focus has been to design and create electrically powered aeroplanes that can help us to travel over short distances. Electric travel significantly reduces energy consumption, cost of maintenance, and the overall impact on the environment. The startup is headed by a team of professional and passionate aerospace experts who want to work for more flexibility in this industry. Their most successful endeavor till date has been the development of Alice, an all electric powered airplane that can travel with 9 passengers at a time for only $200 per hour cost.

Gold Orbit – cosmic radiation exposure is a risk that cannot be neglected when going for a spaceflight. It possesses a great risk for the crew and also the cardboard which is on board. Josh Hoeg understood this problem and founded the Gold Orbit in 2018 to create solutions that will help to shield spaceships from debris and space radiation. Most of the radiation found in space can pass through thin shielding and that is why thick and dense material required for protecting the crew and cargo. They work round the year to manufacture modular armor plating which is not too heavy but offers the best protection from most radiation that is expected in the space.

Magnix – magniX is working to develop a set of electic motors that will be specially made for commercial aviation purposes. Whether it is a single motor or multi-motor aircraft, these highly sophisticated magniX motors will offer the highest level of reliability and performance. The magni250 and magni500 are the top products manufactured by magniX and both of them are integrated with impeccable standard propellers.

Ampaire – Ampaire has dedicated themselves to create more sustainable and easily accessible flying facilities to the people around the globe. Over the years of hard work, they have successfully developed an electic hybrid plane. It helps to cut down the fuel costs by upto 90% and there is also a 50% reduction in maintenance. The team at Ampaire has partnered with US Air Force and NASA to develop the right technology and other essential elements for the project.

Volocopter – Volocopter is a leading company that is dedicated to offer clean and easily accessible aviation facilities to the people. Their Air Taxi services will offer the perfect with affordable and reliable flying experience over short distances without spending too much. Since the Volocopter aircrafts are going to use electricity, the overall emissions and cost of facilitating the flights will be cut down as well.

So, these are some of the best aerospace startup companies that have come up over the last few years. All of them are working really hard and in an innovative manner to develop better technology, equipment, aerospace systems, etc. to revolutionize the aeronautics industry.

Top Aerospace Incubators and Accelerators 

In order to help startup companies work on their goals and objectives, a lot of finance is required. Already established companies and big firms invest their money in these newbies, helping in every way possible. Here is a list of incubators and accelerators in the aerospace industry.

BoomStartup SpaceTech Accelerator – established in 2010, BoomStartup SpaceTech Accelerator has a great team that is constantly accelerating investments for aerospace startups. They have successfully raised millions for more than 80 startups and are constantly working to bring these startups in touch with investors from around the world. They want to create a healthy and valuable ecosystem in the startup scene and host numerous educational meetings, and events.

Starburst Accelerator – Starburst Accelerator came alive in 2016 and since then they have helped a lot of aerospace startups to get the investment they needed. In their debut fundraising round, they gathered over $200 million. The company has offices in top cities around the world including  Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, and Singapore. Their portfolio includes 200+ startups and one can expect an average of $7 million in funding per round.

Practica Capital – an accelerator based out of Lithuania, Practica Capital has helped several aerospace startups companies to work on their agenda without any worries of funding. They are administered by the European Investment Fund and mostly finance Lithuanian Spacetech startups. However, they help overseas startups as well if they seem to be fit for their lucrative investment. Their investment period is mostly between 2 years to 5 years and first-timers can even get the opportunity to obtain a contract of up to $1 million.

Here are the top aerospace startup accelerators who fund startups in the industry. They are constantly monitoring attractive startups and reaching out to them to help them grow.

Top Aerospace Venture Capital Firms 

Around the country, there are several venture capital firms that are attracted to good startup companies and want to invest in them financially. Here are the top aerospace venture capital firms in the USA that you can check out – 

AeroInnovate – the company focus on different sectors of the industry that includes aerospace and also others like Aviation, Augmented and Virtual Reality. Their focus has always been to help aerospace-related startups to grow and get the financial help they need. They offer an initial program for the 8-week virtual accelerator.

Iowa Startup Accelerator – accepting only 10 startups every year, the Iowa Startup Accelerator offers 12-month program for funding startups. Their initial financial round includes an amount of around $20,000 to $50,000 and can also reach up to $250,000 for the most prominent startups. They are based out of Cedar Springs, Colorado.

Space Angels Network – a very prominent and popular investment firm, Space Angels Network offers help to the early-stage startups and has an impressive portfolio of fundraising. Over the years they have been able to accumulate over $126 million in fundraising and they focus on providing great help to entrepreneurs big time.

How a Strategic Consultant Can Help Startups in Their Growth?

A strategic consultant can really help startups to work on their growth down the line. They can get these relatively new companies to come across several investors and venture firms who might be interested in funding their business. Every startup company needs financial help more than anything else in order to get the best results. A strategic consultant works year-round to make sure that their clients do not run out of the funding that keeps their work going on. As a startup, it is very important to get hold of a good strategic consultant who will advise and guide them on how to make the most of their resource.

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Aerospace Internships

Internships are a great way to provide yourself with an exciting and engaging opportunity to improve and work on your technical skills. Regardless of whichever field of industry you are in, internships can help you develop your knowledge, skills, and experience. Real-world experiences are very important in every sector. For those of you who are into the aerospace industry, internships can allow you to work with the best professionals in the industry and leading companies in the world. That is why you should not be missing such a massive opportunity. In our article, we will be discussing in detail regarding different aerospace internships.

What type of Aerospace engineering internship? 

If you are an aspirant in the aerospace industry, then you have a lot of internships available. These are directed to provide you with real-world skills and professionalism. It will help you to revamp your career in a brilliant way. Take a look at these different kinds of Aerospace engineering internships you can choose to do.

Aircraft Design & Conception – aircraft simulation and creative designing offer better safety and improvements to flight stability. You should be really well aware of the different concepts that are related to aerodynamics and computational analysis. It is essential for working in this sector. Joining any kind of software related internship will help you to develop your skills that are based on software tools such as CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, FLUENT, etc. Software is an integral part of the aerospace industry and will continue to be one in the coming years.

UAV related – drone technology and innovation are taking the world by storm. It is being heavily experimented in order to assist in different sectors like aerial photography, surveillance, logistics, and military services. The scope of UAV is rapidly on the rise. There are a lot of companies that offer UAV design and analysis services for industries around the world. When you join such an internship, it will surely help you to get a closer and first-hand experience of how various applications and technicality work. UAV Training turned out to be a really important branch of the aerospace and aviation industry.

Research & Development – top institutions around the globe carry out a lot of research projects year-round. These are headed by individual professors and are conducted in order to improve and bring out more possibilities from any technology. These reputed and expert professors require the help of project associates in order to assist them. You can also choose to apply for such an internship in the aerospace industry, for getting a closer look at how researches are being conducted on aeronautics and another related field. Good project experience and knowledge are what is waiting for you at the end of the internship.

So, these are the current hot topics of aerospace engineering internships that you can apply for. All of them are of separate category and they offer you a unique set of skills and knowledge.

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What type of Aerospace manufacturing internship?

For those who are looking for internships in the aerospace manufacturing industry, they can search for company internships. These internships are majorly aimed at manufacturing and production lines where aircraft or other aerostructures are produced. There are several top companies that conduct this kind of internship, but it is not easy to land on such an opportunity because of high demand. All aerospace manufacturing students who are looking for a job in such a top company, this is the internship that will benefit them a lot. Even though the availability of such an internship is difficult, one must surely try for an opportunity.

What is the Aerospace engineer salary?

An aerospace engineer is a really important and reputable job position that you would want to get. The salary of an aerospace engineer will vary depending on a lot of factors. One such important factor is your location. Depending on which country and region of the world you belong to, your salary will differ. The cost of living and demand for aerospace engineers is also very much different around the globe.

Majorly countries with large defense or transportation industries, are in the need for aerospace engineers much more than others. Salaries of these engineers are also hiked based on their experience, present work, dedication and the kind of skills they possess in the industry. Some countries like the United States or Switzerland, have some of the highest paying aerospace engineers in the world.

The average salary of an aerospace engineer in the USA ranges anywhere between $120,600 to $122,043 according to ERI. In comparison, an aerospace engineer in the UAE or United Arab Emirates gets an average salary of 247,470 AED, or about $67,374 USD. That is much less than the USA because of different factors in play. European countries do offer a good amount of pay scale and other facilities to these engineers.

A career in the aerospace industry is lucrative and offers a wide range of opportunities to you. Individuals who have the right set of skills and knowledge will be rewarded with good salaries and other benefits that help to sustain their life.

How to find an aerospace internship?

A good and premium internship can really help you massively in establishing yourself in a career. An internship allows you to get the first-hand experience of the industry you are in and helps to develop the necessary skills, contacts, and positively revamps your resume. There are different kinds of aerospace internships, as we have mentioned in the previous segments. But, the challenge is how are you going to find one?

Here are some tips that will help you get hold of a good aerospace internship.

  • Network and discuss with your friends, family members or maybe your college alumni and get to know about such opportunities of internships. You never know from whom you will get the lead.
  • Visit company websites regularly in order to check if they are posting anything related to internships or volunteering. At times, even part-time volunteering work can help you get a full-time internship.
  • Create a systematic and well-crafted resume that carries all your achievements and the positive side of your career. Targeted resumes help to attract companies.
  • You may also contact a company directly and ask if they have an opening for an internship in any of the positions you want to apply for. This will give you a more direct and straightforward result.
  • Follow aerospace blogs, websites and social media sites. Many times they post content regarding volunteers and interns who might want to apply for different posts in various companies.

AerospaceExport provides Job application & Coaching services in order to help you get an internship or job in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Make sure to follow these tips and you will see that you have landed on a nice aerospace internship in the coming days of the year.

Best aerospace internship companies

Whether it is an internship or a full-time job, everyone wants to do it from the top companies in the world. Isn’t it? That is why we have listed here some of the top aerospace companies where you can apply for an internship opportunity.

Boeing – established in the year of 1916, Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the whole world. From commercial to defense, they have established themselves as the best in every industry. They have different aeronautic wings working round the year with more than 150,000 employees throughout the world. The internship programs at Boeing can be a life-changer.

Lockheed Martin – those of you who are more inclined to try their luck in the military aerospace sector, nothing can get bigger than Lockheed Martin. For years the company has been the top state-of-the-art military system manufacturer in the world. An internship program in this company will help you understand and get a clear idea about the development of military equipment and systems.

Airbus – Airbus is the biggest supplier in the European aerospace market. They have made huge investments in aerospace innovation and technology over the years. Their work and dedication towards the industry is well worth an applause. An internship opportunity at Airbus will help you to develop experience and skills for new concepts and ideas in the long run.

General Dynamics – one of the oldest aerospace companies in the world, General Dynamics is in the business since 1899. Aspirants who possess an interest in the military can surely try their luck with General Dynamics. They specialize in military information systems, and jet aircraft design. They also have a reputed military software wing.

SpaceX – any top aerospace company list is incomplete without the mention of SpaceX. This company has achieved a lot of success in spite of being much younger than others. Their main focus lies in the development and creation of reliable and reusable space vehicles and equipment.

So, here are the top companies where you would want to apply for an aerospace internship in 2020. Make sure to check out their websites and see if there are any opportunities available. Follow the tips that we have mentioned and you might land on an internship that you always wanted.

INTERNSHIP application service

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Aerospace Fasteners

The aerospace industry is a huge sector that employs different kinds of materials that are required to manufacture the necessary tools and equipment. These include screws, rivets, nuts, bolts, pins, collars, etc. All these components are essential for providing the best aerospace equipment and technology. In today’s blog, we will be talking about one such component – aerospace fasteners, which are really crucial in the development of aerospace technology, equipment, and innovations. Let’s take a look at aerospace fasteners in the following segments.

What Are Aerospace Fasteners?

An aerospace fastener is a device that helps to mechanically join or attach two or more items together in a secure manner. Fasteners help to create a non-permanent joint that can easily be removed during dismantling or separation, without causing any damage to the components. In the aerospace industry, fasteners play a very important role considering they are used to design and manufacture aerospace equipment.

Aerospace equipment and technology, at all times, are subjected to extreme environments and situations. High pressure, extreme wind speed, temperatures, and many other external factors have a drastic effect on this equipment. That is why it becomes really important that these tools and equipment are manufactured to withstand all these different conditions. Several designs and development have taken place in order to produce high-quality fasteners for the aerospace industry. These fasteners have their own set of characteristics and qualities, providing benefits in specific conditions and environments all the time.

Aerospace fasteners have their own set of characteristics that you should be aware of. These are the vital characteristics which provides them with such immense strength and durability. Here are some of the most common of them all – 

  • Aerospace fasteners come with high oxidation and corrosion resistance build quality. This allows them to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressure.
  • Aerospace fasteners have high shear and tensile strength which ensures long term durability and toughness.
  • These fasteners have a lightweight construction because they have to aid the airplanes to lift off and also reduces the number of fuel costs big time.
  • Aerospace fasteners are designed with various features like self-sealing and self-locking abilities. These help to avoid any kind of pressure or fluid leaks.

As you are aware of the different characteristics of aerospace fasteners, take a look at the different materials which are used for making these tools for the aerospace industry.

  • Aluminum – aluminum is a really common material that is used mostly in the construction of atmospheric planes. Even though it is tough and can withstand some extreme temperatures, but it is sensitive to high-stress corrosion.
  • Steel – surface hardness and high strength are the two most important features of using steel as the main component. Since they are much heavier than other material that is used, it takes close observation regarding the weight of the fasteners.
  • Titanium – Titanium is often regarded as the alternative to aluminum for the construction of aerospace fasteners. The biggest benefit of using Titanium is its strength and durability. But, that too with a relative lightness and high ability to withstand heat and cold in the long run.
  • Superalloys – superalloys are also known as high-performance alloys and they are used to make fasteners because they can easily tackle the stress and pressure imparted on the aerospace equipment. Their ability to maintain an excellent structural and surface composition under extreme conditions allows them to resist the external factors that come into play.

These are the different types of materials that are used to make aerospace fasteners. Now, we will check the main usage of aerospace fasteners.

What are the main usages?

Aerospace fasteners have major use in the aircraft assembly and manufacturing process. These are essentially required for joining different kinds of aerospace components, which are designed at various locations around the world. That is why at the final assembly of the aircraft, aerospace fasteners are needed to join these components that have arrived.

All kinds of equipment like furniture, fixtures and other components need to be secured. This is done with the help of aerospace fasteners. Both in the military and commercial aircraft or jets, the fasteners hold significant importance for ensuring a safe and secure flight to the people. Since aircraft are to be used in zero gravity conditions, it becomes very important to fasten and secure every component with fasteners.

Not only fasteners are required for the assembly of aircraft, but also aerostructures. The structures like fuselage, nose, wings, empennage, flight control surfaces, etc. Also, the interior fittings require fasteners for the manufacturing process, in order to provide more strength and integrity to the structures. Aerospace fasteners provide a more rigid and firm build quality to the overall structure of any aircraft, making it ready to withstand extreme environments. Be it a passenger airplane or a military jet, these fasteners make sure that it is safe and secured.

In recent years, there has been a huge boom in the aviation industry and that is why the demand for new aircraft have risen as well. With that, the need for aerospace fasteners did increase at the same rate subsequently. So, you can understand that aerospace fasteners are really important in the overall process of manufacturing of airplanes and other aerospace structures.

Top aerospace fasteners manufacturers

Aerospace fasteners are crucial in the aerospace industry and there are several manufacturers who have taken up the task of manufacturing these. These are top aerospace fastener manufacturers.

3V Fasteners – established in 1982, 3V Fasteners is a U.S. government QSLM approved manufacturer is one of the top fastener manufacturing company. They develop and provide all kinds of aerospace and aviation fasteners for global clients. The company usually manufactures screws, fasteners, and bolts with the help of aluminum, brass, alloy, titanium, etc. Their fasteners are used in both military and commercial sector aeroplanes. 3V Fasteners have also received the approval for being a participating supplier in the Delegation Program for Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). This will help them to penetrate further deep into the market and get more exposure.

Alcoa – Alcoa is the provider of aluminum and titanium suppliers for manufacturing different casting products and fasteners in the aerospace sector. The company manufactures their own line of aerospace fasteners and rings that include high-pressure hydraulic fittings, installation systems, thread rolling and header tooling. Alcoa has recently added a new wing to their manufacturing team that develops panel fasteners, threaded inserts and studs, pins and bolts, and latching systems. They have a significant market share for aerospace fasteners. Alcoa is a reputed and very reliable brand, which manufacture their products without compromise.

B&B Specialties – B&B Specialties are the manufacturers of excellent quality special fasteners, button head fasteners, and socket screws. They have clients from different sectors that include the military, aircraft, and aerospace industries. B&B Specialties offer their products under the series of MS, NAS, Metric, and AN. The manufacturer mostly uses carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, brass, and alloy steel, for creating the fasteners. That is why they have a wide range of selection. Their aerospace fasteners offer the best strength and durability that is essential for the making of aircraft and other aerostructures nowadays.

KLX – being one of the principal distributors of aerospace fasteners in the world, KLX is easily one of the top manufacturers and logistics companies of aerospace equipment for many years. Their aerospace fasteners are directed to be used majorly in military aircraft, business jets, and helicopters. However, they also provide fasteners for commercial purposes as well. The top products manufactured under their name include carbon-faced seals, hinges, bolts, clips, screws, gaskets, rings, and O-rings as well. Presently, it is under Boeing Co., since the company decided to purchase it for $4.25 billion.

LISI Aerospace – LISI Aerospace is another manufacturer that develops aerospace fasteners and other equipment for aerostructures for many companies in the aviation industry. Their fasteners and other aerospace equipment are usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, and brass. These can have different applications, but usually in the airframe, jet engine and helicopter development. Their supply network is spread over 9 countries and LISI Aerospace is in business since 1977. They have a net income of €89.85 million in 2019 and the numbers are growing with time.

So, above are the best aerospace fastener manufacturers in the world. All these companies have a hugely sized inventory which includes a lot of different fasteners, essential for the aerospace and aviation industry.

As the aviation and aerospace industry is growing with every passing year, the need for high-quality aerospace equipment and tools like aerospace fasteners are in dire need. Without these, manufacturers cannot assemble and give shape to modern-day aircraft and jets. Top manufacturers are always providing the best technology and innovations to the industry for better performance and safety measures.

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