Cobham Worldwide Locations

Cobham worldwide locations

We worked on Cobham’s business mapping to provide you with all the worldwide location that we found online. The list of location is not exhaustive and we will update this list regularly. If you wish to help us build that list or if you want your company to appear in this list, feel free to send us a request clicking on the link below.

Cobham’s main business activity

Many of the world’s best known aircraft, including the F-35 and all Airbus platforms, feature Cobham technology. From internet in the sky through to jamming and missile guidance for the latest fighter aircraft, Cobham has an innovative suite of avionics, communication and navigation products. From the design of the first breathing regulator for Project Mercury, to a full suite of hardware and cutting-edge pneumatic subsystems for the ISS, Cobham has engineered some of the most complex, challenging space components in existence today.

We gather different type of information about Cobham and in this article you will be able to learn about:

  • Cobham main worldwide aerospace locations
  • How to find an Aerospace Job at Cobham?
  • How to grow your aerospace business activity with Cobham?
  • Which Trade Shows & Conferences to attend?

Cobham’s locations in England

There are many other aerospace companies in England. If you want to have a look at our mapping of the country, please follow the link bellow.

Aerospace companies in England

Cobham locations in London area

Cobham Aviation Services
Activity: Aerospace company
NE Sector, Bournemouth International Airport, Christchurch BH23 6NE, UK
44 1202 409000

Cobham Wireless
Activity: Manufacturer
Aerial House, Asheridge Rd, Chesham HP5 2QD, UK
44 1494 777000

Cobham Aerospace Connectivity
Activity: Engineering consultant
Cleeve Rd, Leatherhead KT22 7SA, UK
44 1628 472072

Activity: Technology solution provider
4 Matthew Parker St, Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Cobham Aerospace Connectivity
Activity: Antenna service
The Cobham Centre, Fourth Ave, Marlow SL7 1TF, UK
44 1628 472072

Cobham Antenna Systems
Activity: Antenna service
Lambda House, Little Green, Cheveley, Newmarket CB8 9RG, UK
44 1638 731888

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Cobham locations in Oxford area

Activity: Technology solution provider
168 Maxwell Avenue, Harwell, Didcot, United Kingdom

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Cobham locations in Poole

Cobham Mission Systems
Activity: Aerospace company
Brook Rd, Wimborne BH21 2BJ, UK
44 1202 882121

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Cobham’s locations in USA

There are many other aerospace companies in USA. If you want to have a look at our mapping of the country, please follow the link bellow.

Aerospace companies in USA

Cobham locations in Brentwood area

Cobham Inc
Activity: Satellite communication service
11 Continental Dr, Exeter, NH 03833, USA
1 603-775-5200

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Cobham locations in Buffalo area

Cobham plc, Mission Systems, Orchard Park
Activity: Technology solution provider
10 Cobham Dr, Orchard Park, NY, United States
1 (716) 662 0006

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Cobham locations in Dallas area

Cobham Antenna Systems
Activity: Marketing consultant
1955 Lakeway Dr, Lewisville, TX 75057, USA
1 972-221-1783

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Cobham locations in Des Moines area

Cobham Mission Systems
Activity: Aerospace company
2734 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport, IA 52804, USA
1 563-383-6000

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Cobham locations in Glendale area

Cobham Connectivity
Activity: Aerospace company
6400 N Wilkinson Dr, Prescott, AZ 86301, USA
1 928-708-1550

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Cobham locations in Los Angeles area

Comant Industries Inc
Activity: Electronics store
577 Burning Tree Rd, Fullerton, CA 92833, USA
1 714-870-2420

Activity: Technology solution provider
17831 Jamestown Ln, Huntington Beach, CA, United States

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Cobham locations in Miami area

Cobham Slip Rings
Activity: Manufacturer
3030 Horseshoe Dr S #300, Naples, FL 34104, USA
1 239-263-3102

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Cobham locations in New York City area

Cobham Microelectronic Solutions
Activity: Corporate office
40 Industrial Way E, Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA
1 732-460-0212

Cobham Inc.
Activity: Electronics company
35 S Service Rd, Plainview, NY 11803, USA
1 516-694-6700

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Cobham locations in San Francisco area

Activity: Manufacturer
5300 Hellyer Ave, San Jose, CA 95138, USA
1 408-624-3000

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Cobham locations in Virginia Beach area

Activity: Technology solution provider
509 Viking Dr L, Virginia Beach, VA, United States

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Finding an Aerospace job at Cobham

No matter if you are looking for an engineering, technician or executive position at Cobham or other similar company in the Aerospace or Defense industry, we recommend you the following steps:

  1. To search for Cobham’s website and to look for any contact information available in order to send an application. Human ressources contact information are best but they are sometime not available online. You should realize this step to a small number of selected companies that have similar activities than Cobham.
  2. Another good practice would be to use LinkedIn contact search feature in order to find the right contact within Cobham. To do so, preselect the location filter, enter the name of the targeted company and look for any contacts with the same position that you target or from the human ressources department.
  3. To ask for more information/ help to the contacts that you found at Cobham. It is always easier to get an answer when you ask for some advises. Try to connect with the targeted contact and to potentially organise a quick phone call in order to ask your questions about the work environment, the position,.. before applying. Your new connections would increase your chances of success with your application.
  4. Apply to the available position potentially referring to your new connection and referencing the information learned during your previous conversations.

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Trade Shows & Conferences to attend

Trade shows and conferences are the best place to go if you want to grow your business with Cobham & others, learn about new technology, find a new job opportunity at Cobham or elsewhere,… You have the opportunity to be able to meet with all the industry main actors in one single place.

Feel free to check the listing that we established of the best trade shows & conference to attend in the Aerospace & Defense market.

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