Doing business with Boeing: supplier portal tutorial

Boeing is one of the two main aircraft manufacturers in world and has significant presence in North America with several location.

In this article we are going to focus with the first step that all procurement agent will ask any foreign company that want to do business with Boeing: register to their supplier portal.


One of the first step to do in order to develop your business with Boeing is to register online to the supplier data management system. This process will help the Boeing procurement teams to have access to the capabilities of your company and potentially connect with you if they have an opportunity. To start this process, follow the link bellow:

As a new supplier, select the left button

After accepting the Terms, an email will be sent to you with a code to authenticate your email address.
Complet the missing information
The main point of contact
Information about the company and your capabilities

Note that you need to fill here your company NAICS code. The NAICS code is a 6 digits number used in North America to identify the different type of business. You can find this information on the following link:

Last information to fill in the process

Then click on submit the page

Chose your login and password to access the portal

Go into your email box. You should have received the following email from Boeing:

Click on the link provided and login into your account

Once logged in, you should find the following page :

At this step, you have to fill the four different sections

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.04.00 PM

Fill in the different section above with the information from your company.

After realizing this last steps, your company profile will be created and you will potentially have opportunities to be contacted by the Boeing’s teams.

If you want to connect with our experts and have a follow up conversation on how to best do business with Boeing, please contact us here.

Good luck otherwise 😉