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Our Interview process:

The interview process is constituted of up to 10 questions prepared by an Author. The first questions are usually about your background and experience whereas the rest cover the main topic chosen. You are very welcome to propose a the topic of the interview while filling this form but it has to be validated by an Author. The only guideline on AerospaceExport is that the topic has to match our general mission below.

AerospaceExport topic guidline:

Make the development in North America easier for foreign Aerospace & Defense companies. Let’s share your experience, advises, feedback to companies that are willing to develop their activities on this market.

Spread the innovation in Aerospace Technologies globally. Let’s share your Innovation! R&D centers, Companies, there is a lack of communication on your projects and people working on it. We believe that communicating about it could significantly improve your chances to grow globally. Why not starting with an interview?

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