Uber evtol aircraft: Analyzing eVTOL VSP models

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Last may in San Fransisco happened the UBER Elevate conference. This conference is about to bring leaders together to discuss the futur of Urban Air Transportation focusing effort on the EVTOL aircrafts development. If you missed the conference, there are really interesting online videos available on their website :


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Following this conference, UBER release to the public, three EVTOL VSP model. The goal behind this move is to allow the scientific community to work on theses models to enable  new technologies development. The three eVTOL Commun Reference Models are available on the following link:


Once downloaded, you will need the proper open source software to open the files. For that go on NASA’s website dedicated to their open source VSP software. Downloading the software is free and you can find it on this link:


I advise to follow this series of tutorials by Brandon Litherland working at NASA.