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Aerospace is a booming industry, and every year, thousands are getting recruited in various sectors of this industry, worldwide. In countries like France, Germany, UK, India, USA and China, the demand for aerospace professionals are at its peak. There are many openings in this industry and it also offers good money!

There is huge demand of qualified technicians and engineers, from different domain in aerospace industry. The fact that this particular sector has experienced tremendous amount of boom over the last couple of years; throughout the world, has resulted in the increase of demand of these professionals. Those who wish to pursue their career in this field, have tons of opportunities these days, both at the civil as well as military sector.

Apart from NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, which are ones of the major recruiters in the Aerospace sector, various other organizations such as start ups, from all over the world are recruiting engineers and technicians.

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Table of content

What are Aerospace Jobs?

There are many jobs available If you are planning to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. You can find jobs in the engineering side that would be identified by speciality such as Mechanical, software, hardware, electrical engineer or by function such as Test, R&D engineer,… Jobs in the technical side usually for the manufacture of the parts, sub assembly or entire vehicle. It is often forgotten that the Aerospace & Defense feature also none technical jobs such as Sales and Business Development, corporate, finance, accounting, contract management,…  Here are few jobs that you can find in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

  • Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers are demanded quite heavily in this domain as they are required to develop and modify various parts of missiles, space crafts, aero planes. Besides, R&D is also another aspect of their job profile
  • Spacecraft/Aircraft Designer: As more and more private airlines came into existence, the demand for aircraft designers has increased tremendously. Besides, with the development of space engineering sector in many countries the demand for spacecraft designers have also increased over the years
  • Military Aerospace Engineer: Many countries like India, Chin, Israel have been investing billions of dollars in their air force sector, this has created lots of opportunities and openings for the engineers in the military aerospace sector
  • Drafter: Drawing blueprints and designs is an important job roles in aerospace sector. There are lots of opportunities for the drafters in this sector
  • Technician: Like in many other engineering sectors, the demand for technicians in this market is quite high due to necessity to manufacture parts and complete systems.
  • Data processing manager: aerospace companies are generally works with large amount of data and simulations in order to keep them in perfect order and run different simulations and get the result form those tests the data processing engineers are required. This profile includes managing, designing and assembling different types of data with the help of super computer.
  • Test engineer: everything starting from a tiny sensor to big parts of a rocket or place before starting the production they company needs to taste it. So they often need test engineers who can test those things and get the confirmation about the safety and successful operation of the same.
  • R&D engineer: research and development is part and parcel of the aerospace industry. In order to bring new technologies and advance equipments in the market first they need to do extensive research. And R&D engineer thus have greater role to play in this industry.
  • Project manager: this job can be done by a mechanical or electrical engineer based on the project. To build an aircraft or rocket several engineering knowledge comes in to play in order to create an efficient and superior machine. Thus a project engineer makes sure that part of his job is done duly by his team.
  • Account manager: This person is in charge of the growth of the business with a targeted account. He/ she will supervised the sales negotiation but also the project management making sure that the customer remain happy by the company services.

Apart from these, there are various other job openings which exist in the aerospace sector. The fact that most of the major powers in the world, are aggressively working towards improving their air power, has opened up new avenues for those who are planning to pursue career in this particular industry.

What are Aerospace Engineering Jobs?

When it comes to aerospace engineering jobs, there are different types of profiles which are available. The aerospace engineers are primarily involved in designing of aircrafts, satellites, spacecrafts and missiles.

They are involved in manufacturing, R&D, designing of civil and military aircrafts; besides, there are also demand for these engineers in the space sector as well. They work on different projects which are related to national defence and space research institutes. At the technical level, the demand for engineers at aerospace sector is quite high. There are requirements for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic engineers and computer engineers.

As far as their job profile is concerned, there are different types of openings which are available in this sector. It can be related to designing, manufacturing, processing, R&D and others. All the modern air and spacecrafts which are operating these days; both in civil and military domain are being planned and designed by these engineers. It is a combined team effort by all these different groups of professionals who pull up some of the most incredible designs for civil and military aircrafts. One of the major job roles of these engineers is to produce the best of outputs at the expense of minimum amount of cost. 

What are Aerospace Manufacturing Jobs ?

As far as aerospace manufacturing sector is concerned, it is about assembling aircrafts, spacecrafts and missiles. It is a huge industry and according to a report published by the Aerospace Industries Association; more than 4, 66,000 people were employed in the year 2016, all over the world. Out of these, more than 3, 90,000 were recruited to work at the parts and aircraft sectors and nearly 76,000 were deployed in space vehicles, guided missiles and other parts sectors.

More than 36% of aerospace workers are involved in plant jobs. Some of their job roles are unique to this particular industry; however, there are many other jobs which are found in other industries too. For example, when it comes to designing an engine or making a structure of an aircraft, it involves mechanical engineers and metal workers, who carry put the same kind of job in other industries as well.

When it comes to manufacturing jobs, like any other sectors, following the blueprints is one of the most important aspects. This is why engineers and trained technicians are deployed in this particular domain. As far as less skilled workers are concerned, they are entrusted with the responsibility to operate different types of machines which are used to manufacture parts used in the process of assembling.

Where are Aerospace Engineering Jobs?

As mentioned, the demand for aerospace engineers are increasing day by day, as this particular sector, at a global scale has made tremendous progress. Here are some of the top companies in the world who require qualified aerospace engineers

These are some of the top names in the domain of aerospace engineering. Apart from theses companies listed, there are organizations like NASA, and others governmental agencies, which offer career opportunities for the aerospace engineers. Apart from the civil sector, there are as well tons of different types of job opportunities that have evolved in the military sector.  All the advanced countries are engaged in a competition of over powering each other as far as their air force strength is concerned. This is calling for more and more engineers and technicians, who are assigned the responsibility of designing and manufacturing advanced and sophisticated fighter jets, and other kinds of aircrafts. 

Besides, many countries in the world are developing aircrafts, space crafts and various other kinds of vehicles related to this particular industry. Considering the fact that aerospace industry is booming day by day, the demand for engineers in this sector have increased over a period of time, which offers a great opportunity to those who wish to pursue their career in this particular industry.

how many aerospace engineering jobs are there?



According to a recent report, it is estimated that the demand for aerospace engineers will increase even more by the end of 2022. NASA, is going to be one of the major contributors in this domain. If you have to go by the reports it is estimated that in the period of 2016 to 2026 the requirement for the aerospace engineers will increase in a rate of 6% per year. Currently there are only 90000 aerospace engineers working alone in the United States of America according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The current openings for the aerospace engineering jobs in the USA are also looks very promising and it is estimated that almost 69600 jobs are still there to fill up the gap.

The more the demand and use of aerospace is growing in the world coupled with that the demand for the qualified and expert aerospace engineers is also growing in leaps and bounce  in the market. And not only in the USA, this is also true for the rest of the world also. Thus it is safe to say that this is one of the most promising yet challenging jobs which need both technical knowhow and solid experience too.


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