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Aerospace Export partners with multiple service providers around the world in order to provide assistance to companies willing to develop their activity into the Aerospace & Defense market. Feel free to reach out, asking us your questions and our Experts will contact you back.

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Aerospace Export is a network of experts with the main objective to assist Aerospace & Defense companies in the development of their activities worldwide. To do so, we gather various technical & marketing information that we make available to anyone for free and we connect company leaders with local service providers (for free again).


To connect with our Expert, please fill the form above detailing your project need. We need detailed information on, your situation, your current need / problematic in order to be able to connect you with the expert that will best answer your need.


What we call “Aerospace Export’s experts” are local service providers with proven expertise in the Aerospace and Defense market that partner with Aerospace Export. Experts are usually small to mid size companies or individuals that provide assistance in:

  • Sales representation
  • Business Development
  • Technical representation
  • Local engineering support
  • Accounting
  • Contract law
  • Immigration law
  • Investment Banking
  • M&A sourcing

What services to expect

Aerospace Export partner with worldwide experts that specialized into the Aerospace and Defense industry. Based on the type of service that you are looking for, our team will point you in the right direction but here are few example on what expect:

Sales Representation

Find the Sales Rep that you need for the customer accounts that you want to open or to grow. Our partners are deeply connected in their local ecosystem and will allow you quickly open the local Sales Representation that you need.

Strategy & Business Development

Marketing study, lead generation, assistance to draft business plan,.. You should reach out to local experts before starting your export project in a foreign country.

Local Engineering Support

Need to have a part time engineering consultant to support your products locally with your customer? Tell us about your need and we connect you with the partner that best fit with it.


We partner with immigration, contract, corporate, tax and employment lawyers that are used to help Aerospace & Defense companies. Let us connect you with them.


The accountants that partner with us can provide various advices in the country and for the business activity that are of interest. Others services include bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and payrolls.

Merger & Acquisition

Aerospace Export partners with deal brokers, investment bankers and Venture Capital firms that can help you depending of your need. Theses services include: acquisition strategy, acquisition criteria, searching for target, acquisition planning, valuing & evaluating, negotiation, due diligence, purchase & contract, financing and implementation.

Which country, city of expertise?

Aerospace Export partners with worldwide experts. We do not focus in a specific area but will instead connect you with individual or businesses that specialize into the region which is of interest.