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The aerospace and defense industry keeps changing, evolving, and facing difficult challenges as the global economy undergoes ups and downs and countries rethink their defense priorities. From compliance originating in politics, law, regulation, or corporate governance to operational, strategic, and financial threats, aerospace industries must overcome many obstacles to sustain growth.

From managing costs to streamlining organizational or business practice, aerospace and defence companies have a wide range of digitalization solutions. The only problem is knowing which solutions are worthy of investment, and which don’t deliver on their promises. This is where Aerospace Export comes in. 


The Importance of Software Reviews        

Software reviews provide value to both end-users and vendors. End-users read software reviews because they want to learn objective information about the software products they’re interested in, such as their advantages and disadvantages, ease of use, stability, performance, and price. 

Even though many software vendors offer free trials and demo versions of their software products, there’s still a lot that can be learned only after weeks or months of use, and only professional software reviews have the time and dedication to test software products for such a long time.  

Software vendors benefit from software reviews in several ways. First, software reviews provide vendors valuable feedback, telling them what’s good and what’s not so good about their software products. In addition to feedback, software reviews also help vendors promote their products without spending anything on marketing, which is just one of many ways how excellent products can become self-promoting. 

Positive reviews have been shown to increase buyer confidence and the likelihood of a prospective buyer making a purchase. One study even suggested that most consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Understanding the Software Review Process       

The chief goal of the software review process is to provide objective information based on real experience with the reviewed software product as well as the experience of other users to help aerospace and defense companies choose the right software for their needs.

We take all reviews seriously and understand that they not only help buyers make better informed decisions but also provide vendors with important feedback and valuable insights about their software products. 

All of our reviews are guided by a set of review criteria, which specify what the reviews must include. The authors then follow these review criteria and thoroughly test each reviewed software product to learn as much information about its strengths and weaknesses as possible. 

Some software products give us the opportunity to test all of their functionality without any restrictions, while others provide only a glimpse of what they have to offer. To cover even locked features and traits that are hard to measure, such as customer service quality, we gather user feedback through various channels and incorporate it into our reviews. 

Finally, finished reviews are published online for aerospace and defense decision-makers to read and benefit from. 

Specific Needs of the Aerospace & Defense Market       

Confronted with mounting global competition, companies in the aerospace and defense market have to keep reinventing themselves in order to meet their goals and remain competitive as they face volatility in the geopolitical and economic environment, increased exposure to cybersecurity events, and foreign currency and commodity price fluctuations. 

Whereas companies in many other sectors can afford to deploy just about any software solution and instantly benefit from it, aerospace and defense companies must first take into account a multitude of selection criteria that reflect their complex, highly regulated nature. 

Ideal software for the aerospace and defense market is agile and reactive enough to enable organizations to cope with change caused by outside influences, but it’s also able to face numerous compliance requirements (DO-178, DO254,..).

Why Aerospace & Defense Companies Need Software Reviews?         

Aerospace and defense companies are tasked with developing cutting-edge platforms and systems that must meet exceptionally high performance goals and comply with a plethora of different regulations. 

Modern software solutions can help them achieve this difficult goal, but selecting the right one can be a challenge when there are so many options to choose from. Software reviews make this daunting task easier by providing objective information that aerospace and defense decision-makers can use to evaluate which aerospace and defense solutions can best meet their individual needs and unique requiremetns. 

For example, aerospace and defense companies require highly detailed and comprehensive audit trail records of compliance standards for design, production, sourcing, and delivery stages, making secure record-keeping capable of pulling data from disparate systems and dealing with complex supply chains a top priority. 

As prime cybersecurity targets, aerospace and defense companies can’t afford to select a software solution from a vendor that’s not as thrustworthy as they are and isn’t able to meet their strict cybersecurity requirements. 

Finally, aerospace and defense companies are under growing pressure to accelerate innovation while also breaking the cost curve. This is possible only by selecting software solutions that drive collaboration across generations and promote automation in manufacturing. 

Best Software for Aerospace & Defense

Our team has been working on reviewing few different type of softwares for the Aerospace and Defense industry. Here is the link to our reviews:

Best Requirements Management Software

Requirements Management software tools help teams with capturing, prioritizing, and tracking of requirements, making it easier for them to execute their requirements management plans. Requirements Management software tools have become essential for aerospace and defense comapneis as they help avoid serious mistakes and potentially fatal missed requirements. 

To read more about Requirements Management Software and the available options, Check Our Review

Best CAD Software for Aerospace & Defense

Computer-Aided Design software helps aerospace and defense engineers create extremely complex parts and large assemblies that meet strict safety standards and satisfy customer requirements without missing important deadlines or going overbudget. Aerospace and defense companies have their specific needs when it comes to CAD software because of the extremely small tolerances they work with, and our review lists multiple suitable options. 

To read more about Computer-Aided Design software and the available options.

Best PLM Software for Aerospace & Defense

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software helps with the management of complex product information by connecting people, processes, and data across the entire product lifecycle to a central repository of information. Aerospace and defense companies use it to better engage with their extended supply chain and improve both production quality and performance. 

To read more about Product Lifecycle Management software and the available options.

Best CRM Software for Aerospace & Defense

Customer relationship management software manages a company’s interactions and relationships with both current and potential customers, assisting in customer retention and sales growth. It helps aerospace and defense companies operate at their full potential by becoming customer-driven. 

To read more about Customer Relationship Management software and the available options.

Best Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP) for Aerospace & Defense

Enterprise resource planning provides integrated management and continuously updated view of main business processes to help aerospace and defense companies manage complex projects while dealing with global supply chains, regulatory compliance, and aggressive delivery cycles. Equipped with a capable ERP software solutions, aerospace and defense companies can better compete on the global market and meet all their performance targest. 

To read more about Enterprise Resourse Planning software and the available options.

Best Manufacturing Operation Managment (MOM) Tool for Aerospace & Defnese

Manufacturing operation management a collection of systems for managing end-to-end manufacturing processes that aims to promote compliance with standards and specifications for operational processes and procedures, something all aerospace and defense comapneis struggle with on a regular basis. 

To read more about Manufacturing Operation Managment software and the available options.

Best Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Aerospace

Supply chain management software are used for managing supplier relationships and controlling associated business processes. They can lower down the current overhead expenses, improve communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors, transportation, and shipping companies, and lower time delays in critical processes. Supply chain management helps aerospace and defense companies stay on top of their increasingly compelx supply chains. 

To read more about Supply Chain Management software and the available options.

Best Project Management Software for A&D

Project management software helps project managers and teams collaborate and complete client requirements on time while managing a multitude of resources and keeping costs under control. Aerospace and defense companies use project mangemetn software to tackle fulti-faceted projects that push the boundaries of their engineering capabilities. 

To read more about Project Management software and the available options, check Our Review

Best Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software for Aerospace

Used to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods., manufacturing execution systems are computerized systems that connect, monitor, and control complex manufacturing systems and data flows. They help aerospace and defense companies adhere to key design, quality, traceability, security, and compliance requirements.

To read more about Manufacturing Execution System software and the available options, check Our Review

Best Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software for Aerospace & Defense

Application lifecycle management software helps deliver complex software applications at the speed of business. Modern ALM solutions can track requirements through every step of the entire software development lifecycle, ensuring that aersoapce and defense companies produce the right software in the right manner. 

To read more about Application Lifecycle Management software and the available options, check Our Review


If you are a tool editor and believe that your tool should be mentioned in our review, please send us a message below and we will get in touch with you. We are constantly updating our ranking with the tools that we believe to be the more relevant for the Aerospace & Defense market.

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Information on the parent company, software creation, industries targeted, main features,...
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