Aerospace Sales Representative

Aerospace refers to the industry that is concerned with aviation and space flight. The Aerospace sales industry is making progress by leaps and bounds and is opening new horizons for aviation and space technology.

A very important individual associated with the Aerospace Industry is the Aerospace Sales Representative; he plays a crucial role as a sales representative and manages important aspects of the Aerospace sales industry.

In this article, we shall discuss what role Aerospace sales representative plays in the Aerospace sales industry, what makes an Aerospace sales representative well suited for their job, and how to choose a good Aerospace Sales representative. 

What Is A Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are a crucial part of the connection between a company and its customers. An Aerospace sales representative is contracted by a company in order to develop their business in a specific market/ region.

Sales representatives attract ideal customers to the company and thus allow the businesses to expand. They tend to focus on a specific market niche, technology, region or customer base.

You can think of a sales representative as the company’s face, as they help in growing the business and attracts customers to the business. It is very important to carefully select this person as the Aerospace sales representative is responsible for developing and executing strategic sales growth in the delegated territory.  Your development success in this new market segment or region depend heavily on the skills and network of the sales representative selected.

What Does Exactly a Sales Representative Do?

A sales representative has a myriad of job services under his responsibility. Here are couple of the responsibilities listed: 

She/He helps identify new markets, market trends, customer leads, and also helps in pitching prospective customers. An Aerospace sales representative would specialize in Aerospace products such as aviation technology and aircraft products.

A Sales representative maintains authentic and interactive customer relations and monitors the competition related to production for the companies. The sales representative also modules the business in a way that attracts the most customers! Some other job responsibilities of a sales representative are as follows:

1. Sells product to customers and meets customer demands in a satisfactory way.

2. Plans and organizes work schedules to manage sales outlets.

3. Studies the volume of product procurement and adapts sales efforts through optimal strategies. 

4. Recommends useful changes in production, services, and policies by evaluating the results and by determining the competitive advantages and disadvantages in the market.

5. Refers to the price lists and submit quotation to the customer. 

6. Informs the management about activities and results in sales.  

7. Support the customer when facing a problematic. The sales representative would connect the customer with dedicated team that will investigate and solve the problems identified.

What Makes a Good Sales Representative? 

A very crucial part of being a good sales representative is to be well informed of the market they are working on. An Aerospace sales representative is acquainted with the tech environment of Aerospace & Defense market and understands all the nuances of the niche that you are targeting. 

When you are contracting a new sales representative, you are buying a network and you shouldn’t underestimate that. The experience of the sales representative with targeted customers is a must to have.

To be a good sales representative means to have good communication and presentation skills. The art of giving an excellent presentation to the customers is heavily built on confidence. A good sales representative is confident in her/himself when he/she presents a company’s products to customers.

A good sales representative focuses on the task at hand and does not deviate from the point of discussion. Focusing on the issue at hand allows them to solve the problems that arise with time and organize better.

How to Choose a Good Sales Representative? 

Choosing the best sales representative for your aerospace company is predicated upon three premises.

The primary being the domain of expertise of the sales representative you are working with. There are many specific technologies involved in the Aerospace & Defense industry and you want the person selected to really understand your products/ services in order to sell them.

The second step is to evaluate whether the person is suited for the region your company wants to develop its activity in. For example; if your company want to expand in the UK, you need to check whether the sales representative is well connected with clients from that region.

The third step is to check which companies the sales representative has in his network and how fast he can present your product/ service to them. A sales representative is a consultant who puts forward your case in front of customers on your behalf, so it’s crucial to evaluate what network and what company the sales representative is acquainted with so you can use his insight to grow your Aerospace business.

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