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There could be different reasons why you would like to contact us. For some of them we already have specific forms that allow us to ask you predetermined questions. Please have a look at the list provided below and select the one that best match your need.

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Aerospace Export developed a network of worldwide experts specialized in the Aerospace & Defense Industry. Our main objective is to assist  companies in the development of their activities on this specific market. To do so, we gather various technical & marketing information that we make available to anyone for free and we connect company leaders with local service providers (for free again).


What we call “Aerospace Export experts” are local service provider with proven expertise in their field in the Aerospace and Defense market. Experts are usually small to mid size company that provide assistance in

  • Sales representation
  • Business Development
  • Technical representation
  • Local engineering support
  • Accounting
  • Contract law
  • Immigration law
  • Investment Banking
  • M&A sourcing

In order to connect with our experts, please fill the form below.

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We specialized in the Aerospace & Defense industry and one of our activity is to propose our community software reviews. We establish software ranking focusing our analysis on the A&D industry requirements. If you are a tool vendor and would like to request our team to review your tool, please fill the form below.

Information on the parent company, software creation, industries targeted, main features,…
What do you believe to be the competitive advantages of this tool over its competitors.

More information on our software review.

Our Worldwide Aerospace & Defense company mapping/ listing reference thousands different locations. We are always updating our mapping and the form below allow you to reference a new location. 

If you would like to submit several locations, please contact us using our “General contact form”  and we will indicate the process that you need to follow.


Please enter the name of the company or the name of the group (only companies from the Aerospace & Defense industry will be listed).
If the location is a subsidiary of an existing group, enter the name here.
Enter the full address (Street, zip code, city, country)
Please enter the city from the address
Is that location close to a bigger city? Ex: Long Beach, CA is very close to Los Angeles. You would then enter here Los Angeles area.
What is the activity of the company in that specific location? Ex: Electronic Build to print for commercial aircraft
One company can have several location. On the form above, we focus on the activity at the location. In this part, you can enter a long description of the company (activity, business units, leadership, revenue,…)
Same as above but more succinct. 2 – 3 sentences maximum focusing on activity.
Just copy here the url to the company logo. To do so, just search in google image and copy the url.
We need an email to validate those data


AerospaceExport centralize worldwide accredited vendors that will be happy to send you a custom quotation for the part / system that you need. Please fill the following form in order to request a quotation.

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Please enter the NSN number
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Please enter the quantity
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Check our parts listed here. 

We receive several request for quotation and we are interested to reference great new vendors in our listing. Feel free to fill the following form if you would like to apply.

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