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AerospaceExport’s main objective is to assist Aerospace & Defense companies developing their activities. Therefore we provide the two following services for FREE:

Connect with Experts

We allow those organisation to find and to connect with the experts that best fit their need (the different categories are described bellow).

Post their need

We allow companies to describe and to post their need in order for our experts to directly contact them proposing tailored services (post a need here).

Connecting with Aerospace & Defense consultants

All our Aerospace & Defense experts are grouped in different categories and are listed right bellow:

How to use our directory?

How to search for a service provider on AerospaceExport

How to search for a service provider on AerospaceExport

Our different categories:

Aerospace Export can connect you with worldwide experts that specialized into the Aerospace and Defense industry. Based on the type of service that you are looking for, you can navigate the following category looking for the expert that best fit your need:

Sales Representatives

Find the Sales Rep that you need for the customer accounts that you want to open or to grow. Our experts are deeply connected in their local ecosystem and will allow you quickly open the local Sales Representation that you need.

Development Partners

Those local government organisations or association are always important to connect with. They have a great network in their field or region and would point you in the right direction.


We have few lawyers listed that specialize in immigration, contract, corporate, tax and employment lawyers and who are used to help Aerospace & Defense companies.


The accountants can provide various advices in the country and for the business activity that is of interest. Others services include bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and payrolls management.

M&A Consultant

An M&A consultant will help you to find the right business to acquire, to audit this business and to connect you financial professionals.

Investment Banking

Those professional can provide you with financing and other related consulting services. The investment banker differ from the Venture Capitalist by investing in more mature companies with a lower risk level.

Venture Capitalist

VCs typically provide financing and advices to innovative company/ start up that have the potential to grow very rapidly.

Incubator & Accelerator

Incubators and accelerators are a great fit for Pre-seed to Seri A start ups that are looking for the mentoring and financing needed to reach their objective.

Market Analysts

If you are looking for market data in order to take your next strategic decision, those consultants are the right choice for you.

Business consultants

Business consultant is a main category that includes management, strategy, recruitment, IT, M&A consulting services and others.

Management Consultants

Management consultant are typically big four companies that will audit your organisation/ business unit, in order to provide advices on how to optimize your performance & profitability.

Strategy Consultants

Strategy consulting is a type of management consulting but specialized in assisting top company leadership in making the right strategic decisions.

Recruitement consultant

Recruitment consultant often specialize in an industry or a type of job profile and will help you to hire the best employees that you are looking for.

Manufacturing experts

Those individuals or consulting companies can help you providing the expert advise to improve your manufacturing processes. This is particularly useful if you need to comply with a specific standard.

Engineering Consultants

The Engineering consultants category regroups manufacturing, quality, safety, IT and others consultants.

Quality Consultants

Consultants that specialize in quality processes and that help your organisation to generate the quality reporting or to set up quality processes that you need.

IT Consultants

Those consultants specialize in IT tool implementation and will help you to select & deploy the tool that your company need.

Tools & Ressources

This category regroup a selection of online tools and other online ressources that we definitely encourage you to check.

Aerospace Consultants listing per location:

We are listing industry experts from everywhere around the world. We do not focus in a specific area but you’ll be able to connect with individual or businesses that specialize into the region which is of interest.

How to list your company services on AerospaceExport?

We welcome any companies or individual that belong to one of the categories above to create a new listing on AerospaceExport. Our team will review every application focusing on your service description and making sure that you can help the development of Aerospace & defense companies. Here are the steps to follow in order to start the process:

  1. Create / Log in to your account (link here)
  2. Select “Propose your services” and fill the form to post your service online (link here)
  3. Review and validate

How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to propose your services on AerospaceExport

How to propose your services on AerospaceExport

How to claim a listing?

AerospaceExport allows members to list service providers that belong to specific categories. One member can list multiple providers even if he/she doesn’t own the business.

Business Owners can claim their business following those steps:

  1. Register / Log in
  2. Open your business listing and click on “Claim Now”.
  3. Fill out the form with the required ownership justification
  4. Our team will review your request and the listing should appear under my listing section of your dashboard once it is approved.

Members Needs listed

Members can directly post their needs on AerospaceExport and service providers can directly consult the needs and to connect with the member to propose their services. Here are the most recent ones:

How to check Members’ needs on AerospaceExport?

How to check Members needs on AerospaceExport

Post your need on AerospaceExport

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our listing or if you have a very specific need, we advise you to directly post your need on online. Your need would appear in the listing above and other members would be able to directly contact you to propose their services. In order to post a need on AerospaceExport, just follow the steps bellow:

  1. Create / Log in to your account (link here)
  2. Select “Post your need” and fill the form to post your need online (link here)
  3. Review and validate

How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to Register and Login on AerospaceExport

How to post your need on AerospaceExport

How to post your need on AerospaceExport