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Aerospace & Defense focus:

This mapping focus only on companies that are directly or indirectly doing business in the Aerospace and Defense industry. If you think that your/ a company match this criteria, feel free to fill the form bellow.

Our listing process

Once you will have finished to fill the form, we will review your information. If the data provided match our requirement, we will update the our worldwide mapping. Please note that updates are done every months.

Quick advices

One company can have several locations worldwide. In this form, you will be able to enter one location only so If you need to enter several locations, you can either fill this form several time or you can contact us here to request our excel template.

Please enter the name of the company or the name of the group (only companies from the Aerospace & Defense industry will be listed).
If the location is a subsidiary of an existing group, enter the name here.
Enter the full address (Street, zip code, city, country)
Please enter the city from the address
Is that location close to a bigger city? Ex: Long Beach, CA is very close to Los Angeles. You would then enter here Los Angeles area.
What is the activity of the company in that specific location? Ex: Electronic Build to print for commercial aircraft
One company can have several location. On the form above, we focus on the activity at the location. In this part, you can enter a long description of the company (activity, business units, leadership, revenue,...)
Same as above but more succinct. 2 - 3 sentences maximum focusing on activity.
Just copy here the url to the company logo. To do so, just search in google image and copy the url.
We need an email to validate those data

Thank you for helping us developing this mapping