The organisation that can help you in your project:

There are many organisations that can assist you on your export project to the north American market. Depending of the country that you are from, you can try to contact the following organization:

United State of America’s Organisation:

For all company wiling to invest in the US on the Aerospace & Defense market, you will find structures to help your development at a state level. The states department of commerce are the real governmental organisation to help the development and investment locally. So for the state that you identified to potentially host your business, you should connect with:

  • Select USA:

National organisation to help investment in the US, they will connect you to the different representative that you need at the state level.

The US Aerospace market by Select USA

  • The state department of commerce:

They can connect you with the local aerospace actors, provide you some intelligence on the local market, answer your questions,… There is a huge competition between the different states to attract new investors so they will do everything they can to make your journey easier.

Liste of the department of commerce contacts by states

  • The counties:

County: In the United States, an administrative or political subdivision of a state is a county, which is a region having specific boundaries and usually some level of governmental authority.

The county has generally its own organisation to help investors, they can provide the same assistance as the department of commerce and can provide you datas for your Business Plan. The best way to identify them and get in touch with them is to contact the State Department of Commerce.


French Organisation:

  • French American Chamber of Commerce:


Located in all major city, their mission is to connect the French community abroad in order to stimulate the community and develop new opportunities. They do organize events, conferences, gala,… every years.

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  • Business France

Business France

The two main mission of Business France is to help to invest in France and to help french companies to export. On this last point, Business France organise conferences, group exhibition, market intelligence,…

Read the page below to get more information.

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  • North American French Aerospace Network (NAFAN):

The NAFAN, organise interesting conferences, visits of local companies,.. all around the US and Canada.

To connect with them, visit their website here and contact them.