Best Aerospace trade show & conference in Asia

The Aerospace industry, over the last couple of decades has made mind blowing progress. USA has been the leader in this domain; however, gradually, other countries like Germany, Russia, France and others also started investing in this particular sector; which had yielded highly productive results when it comes to improving both civil and military aviation sector. Besides, space research has improved tremendously in these countries, over the last couple of decades. It wouldn’t have been possible without the progress and advancement in the aerospace sector. Do you know, that some of the Asian countries are regarded to be as one of the major players in this domain? Countries like India, China and Japan have surprise the entire world, with their sudden jump, in manufacturing civil aircrafts, military aircrafts, spacecrafts and others. This has helped in the process of flourishing this industry by a great extent, which had created massive job opening. According to a recent study; today, India is ranked among the 5 top civil aircraft manufacturing countries in the world. Besides, India has also invested in its indigenously made fighter aircraft; Tejas, which has already been inducted into the Indian Air Force. The achievement of ISRO, the Indian Space Research Institute is known all over the world! It can therefore be safely stated that with the likes of India, Chin, Japan and other countries; Asia is gradually making its mark in the domain of aerospace industry

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Defense and Aerospace Market in Asia

The defense and aerospace market in Asia is expected to reach a CAGR of more than 2.2% in next 10 years. Over the last couple of decades, the demand for commercial and military aircrafts and other accessories related to them have increased at a rapid pace. This has played a significant role in the overall growth of this particular industry in Asia. Countries like India, China and Japan are investing heavily in this particular sector. Besides, foreign investments have also been coming in from some of the major financial institutions in the world.

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive increase when it comes to the production of aircrafts in Asia; both for civil and military sector. This has opened up new avenues for other related industries, which have played an instrumental role in overall development of this industry. Today, European investors are looking towards Asia as one of the most lucrative and potential market for investing in the aerospace sector. 

China and Japan have been in the race since the late 80s. Both these countries have done incredibly well, over a period of time. However, India, in the last couple of decades have come leaps and bounds and has taken everyone by surprise. Today, India is recognized as one of the giants in this domain and has been competing with some of the major players like the USA, France, Germany, Russia and others. Bramhos, the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world was developed by the Indian scientists in collaboration with Russia. 

Why joining a Trade show or conference in Asia?

Today, Asia is considered to be as one of the major hubs as far as aerospace industry is concerned. Countries from all over the world, are looking towards the Asian giants like India, China, Japan and Israel for new innovations and R&D work. The fact that there are so much of foreign investment involved, compelled these Asian countries to open their doors for the rest of the world. These days, there are numerous different trade shows and conferences which are organized in different parts of Asia, where companies from all over the world participate to learn about the latest developments and innovation in this field which Asia has made. Besides, the fact that companies from all over the world participate in these shows, also present an opportunity to establish business relationship with them. This has proven to be very useful in generating revenue, and at the same time, attractive foreign investors to invest money in the aerospace industries of Asia. There are different trade shows and conferences that are organized throughout the year, in different parts of Asia.

 Top Trade Shows and Conferences in Asia

Here is a brief insight on some of the top trade shows and conferences which are held in different parts of Asia

  1. Singapore Air Show: This event was organized in the month of February 2020. It is considered to be as one of the best air shows in Asia; and has gained the mark of an international exhibition. If someone is planning to expand his business at the Asia Pacific, then this trade show would just be the perfect option for him. 
  2. Japan Aerospace: This event is scheduled to be held in Tokyo, in the month of November, 2020. It is an international event, where aerospace systems and aircrafts are being exhibited. Though, it is not the biggest event in Asia; however, those companies who are willing to invest in Japan aerospace sector, would find it very useful. 
  3. MRO Middle East: This event was held in the month of February 2020, in Dubai, at Dubai World Trade Center. The main theme of this event is Defense and Aerospace maintenance, their repairs, and other related sectors. This is one of the biggest exhibition which is organized in the entire Middle East
  4. Abu Dhabi Heli Expo: Held in Abu Dhabi in February 2020, at the Al Bateen Executive Airport. This trade show is all about different types of helicopters ranging from military to VIP. 
  5. Inter Airport China: This event is scheduled to be held in the month of September in China at the Chinese International Exhibition Center. This exhibition will be about airport management, connectivity and security. 
  6. Defense Services Asia Exhibition: It deals in aeronautics and space industries and is held in Kualalampur in every 2 years. 
  7. Taiwan International Fastener Show:  This trade shows is about assembling and handling technology of the aeronautic and space industry. It is held in the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. This trade fair is organized once in every 2 years.
  8. Air Cargo China: This exhibition is about logistics and air cargo. It is held in the city of Sanghai every 2 years. Its venue is Sanghai New International Expo Center. 
  9. Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference: This exhibition deals in a lot of different things; Space and Aeronautics being one of them. It is help in Shanghai, once  China, once a year
  10. China (Shanghai) International Super-Capacitor Industry Fair:  This trade show is held once a year in Shanghai, China and deals with aeronautics, along with various other industries. 
  11. Hand tools and Fastners Expo: This trade show is organized in Delhi and Mumbai, once a year. Pragati Maidan in Delhi and BCEC in Mumbai are its venue.
  12. Bengaluru Space Expo: This trade show is about displaying the latest innovations and advancements made in the technical support department. The venue is Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. It is organize once in 2 years
  13. Inter Airport China: This trade show is about the latest technologies which have been invented in aerospace industries. It is held at China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, and is held once in every 2 years.
  14. Shanghai International Industry Fair: This show is primarily about tenchological and scientific innovations. It is organized once a year. The venue for this show is National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. 
  15. Fastener Show – Shanghai: This trade show has achieved the international standards, where the latest innovations in repairs and maintenance of the aerospace industry is being put into display
  16. Aeromart Sacheon – South Korea 2020: This is an international event on aero space and defense industry. It is organized after every 3 years, and is held on Sacheon, South Korea.
  17. ASCE: This is an International Aviation Related trade show, and is held in Shanghai once a year. The venue for this event is National Exhibition and Convention Centre. 
  18. Indo Aerospace Expo and Forum: This trade show deals in international aviation, aerospace and aircraft technology. It is organized once after every 2 years, at Jakarta Indonesia 
  19. Indo Helicopter: This is South- East Asia’s one of the best helicopter events. It is organized after every 2 years, in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  20. Air Show China: It is an international aerospace and aviation exhibition. It is organized after every 2 years, at Zhuhai, China. The venue for this event is China International Aviation Exhibition Centre. 
  21. JEC Asia 2020: This trade shows displays latest innovations in aeronautic sector. It is held once a year, the city of Seoul; South Korea

Apart from these, there are many other trade shows and exhibitions which are organized in different part of Asia. These events have provided the European and American companies with an excellent opportunity to have a close look at the development and progress made by the Asian countries. This also helps to attract foreign investment