Aerospace Internships

Internships are a great way to provide yourself with an exciting and engaging opportunity to improve and work on your technical skills. Regardless of whichever field of industry you are in, internships can help you develop your knowledge, skills, and experience. Real-world experiences are very important in every sector. For those of you who are into the aerospace industry, internships can allow you to work with the best professionals in the industry and leading companies in the world. That is why you should not be missing such a massive opportunity. In our article, we will be discussing in detail regarding different aerospace internships.

What type of Aerospace engineering internship? 

If you are an aspirant in the aerospace industry, then you have a lot of internships available. These are directed to provide you with real-world skills and professionalism. It will help you to revamp your career in a brilliant way. Take a look at these different kinds of Aerospace engineering internships you can choose to do.

Aircraft Design & Conception – aircraft simulation and creative designing offer better safety and improvements to flight stability. You should be really well aware of the different concepts that are related to aerodynamics and computational analysis. It is essential for working in this sector. Joining any kind of software related internship will help you to develop your skills that are based on software tools such as CATIA, PRO-E, ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, FLUENT, etc. Software is an integral part of the aerospace industry and will continue to be one in the coming years.

UAV related – drone technology and innovation are taking the world by storm. It is being heavily experimented in order to assist in different sectors like aerial photography, surveillance, logistics, and military services. The scope of UAV is rapidly on the rise. There are a lot of companies that offer UAV design and analysis services for industries around the world. When you join such an internship, it will surely help you to get a closer and first-hand experience of how various applications and technicality work. UAV Training turned out to be a really important branch of the aerospace and aviation industry.

Research & Development – top institutions around the globe carry out a lot of research projects year-round. These are headed by individual professors and are conducted in order to improve and bring out more possibilities from any technology. These reputed and expert professors require the help of project associates in order to assist them. You can also choose to apply for such an internship in the aerospace industry, for getting a closer look at how researches are being conducted on aeronautics and another related field. Good project experience and knowledge are what is waiting for you at the end of the internship.

So, these are the current hot topics of aerospace engineering internships that you can apply for. All of them are of separate category and they offer you a unique set of skills and knowledge.

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What type of Aerospace manufacturing internship?

For those who are looking for internships in the aerospace manufacturing industry, they can search for company internships. These internships are majorly aimed at manufacturing and production lines where aircraft or other aerostructures are produced. There are several top companies that conduct this kind of internship, but it is not easy to land on such an opportunity because of high demand. All aerospace manufacturing students who are looking for a job in such a top company, this is the internship that will benefit them a lot. Even though the availability of such an internship is difficult, one must surely try for an opportunity.

What is the Aerospace engineer salary?

An aerospace engineer is a really important and reputable job position that you would want to get. The salary of an aerospace engineer will vary depending on a lot of factors. One such important factor is your location. Depending on which country and region of the world you belong to, your salary will differ. The cost of living and demand for aerospace engineers is also very much different around the globe.

Majorly countries with large defense or transportation industries, are in the need for aerospace engineers much more than others. Salaries of these engineers are also hiked based on their experience, present work, dedication and the kind of skills they possess in the industry. Some countries like the United States or Switzerland, have some of the highest paying aerospace engineers in the world.

The average salary of an aerospace engineer in the USA ranges anywhere between $120,600 to $122,043 according to ERI. In comparison, an aerospace engineer in the UAE or United Arab Emirates gets an average salary of 247,470 AED, or about $67,374 USD. That is much less than the USA because of different factors in play. European countries do offer a good amount of pay scale and other facilities to these engineers.

A career in the aerospace industry is lucrative and offers a wide range of opportunities to you. Individuals who have the right set of skills and knowledge will be rewarded with good salaries and other benefits that help to sustain their life.

How to find an aerospace internship?

A good and premium internship can really help you massively in establishing yourself in a career. An internship allows you to get the first-hand experience of the industry you are in and helps to develop the necessary skills, contacts, and positively revamps your resume. There are different kinds of aerospace internships, as we have mentioned in the previous segments. But, the challenge is how are you going to find one?

Here are some tips that will help you get hold of a good aerospace internship.

  • Network and discuss with your friends, family members or maybe your college alumni and get to know about such opportunities of internships. You never know from whom you will get the lead.
  • Visit company websites regularly in order to check if they are posting anything related to internships or volunteering. At times, even part-time volunteering work can help you get a full-time internship.
  • Create a systematic and well-crafted resume that carries all your achievements and the positive side of your career. Targeted resumes help to attract companies.
  • You may also contact a company directly and ask if they have an opening for an internship in any of the positions you want to apply for. This will give you a more direct and straightforward result.
  • Follow aerospace blogs, websites and social media sites. Many times they post content regarding volunteers and interns who might want to apply for different posts in various companies.

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Make sure to follow these tips and you will see that you have landed on a nice aerospace internship in the coming days of the year.

Best aerospace internship companies

Whether it is an internship or a full-time job, everyone wants to do it from the top companies in the world. Isn’t it? That is why we have listed here some of the top aerospace companies where you can apply for an internship opportunity.

Boeing – established in the year of 1916, Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the whole world. From commercial to defense, they have established themselves as the best in every industry. They have different aeronautic wings working round the year with more than 150,000 employees throughout the world. The internship programs at Boeing can be a life-changer.

Lockheed Martin – those of you who are more inclined to try their luck in the military aerospace sector, nothing can get bigger than Lockheed Martin. For years the company has been the top state-of-the-art military system manufacturer in the world. An internship program in this company will help you understand and get a clear idea about the development of military equipment and systems.

Airbus – Airbus is the biggest supplier in the European aerospace market. They have made huge investments in aerospace innovation and technology over the years. Their work and dedication towards the industry is well worth an applause. An internship opportunity at Airbus will help you to develop experience and skills for new concepts and ideas in the long run.

General Dynamics – one of the oldest aerospace companies in the world, General Dynamics is in the business since 1899. Aspirants who possess an interest in the military can surely try their luck with General Dynamics. They specialize in military information systems, and jet aircraft design. They also have a reputed military software wing.

SpaceX – any top aerospace company list is incomplete without the mention of SpaceX. This company has achieved a lot of success in spite of being much younger than others. Their main focus lies in the development and creation of reliable and reusable space vehicles and equipment.

So, here are the top companies where you would want to apply for an aerospace internship in 2020. Make sure to check out their websites and see if there are any opportunities available. Follow the tips that we have mentioned and you might land on an internship that you always wanted.

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