Top Aerospace trade show & conference in Europe

Over the last couple of decades, the Aerospace industry has tremendous progress all over the world. As a matter of fact, it is one of the very few industries, which managed to maintain a sustainable growth over a period of time.  What makes aerospace industry so special is the fact that here, there are job opportunities for engineers from different domains. Whether it is a mechanical engineer, or a computer engineer, everyone has a role to play in this particular sector. Apart from the engineers, there is a huge demand for various kinds of stuffs; with skill sets ranging from technical to back office and administration. The fact that this particular industry has made so much of progress over the years, have invariably opened new markets for them. Europe is one continent which has seen tremendous growth in this sector over the last couple of decades. Besides, when it comes to the defense sector; the aerospace industry has contributed immensely. Whether it is civil aviation, military or space; the aerospace industry has offered some of the most advanced and sophisticated machines and devises, which has helped mankind to reach to new heights of advancements. More research are being carried out all over the world to find out more innovative and advanced mechanisms. 

Aerospace & Defense market in the Europe

The aerospace and defense market in Europe is expected to catch a CAGR of more than 2.4% in the years to come. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a stiff rise in the demand of both military and commercial aircraft; which has contributed towards the rapid growth of this sector in Europe. With the help of patronage from some of the giant industry incumbent’s like Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Thales, Safran and Leonardo; the rate of R&D and indigenous manufacturing has increased tremendously over the last couple of decades. The EU or European Union has formulated a strategy, which is known by the name of Europe 2020 Strategy in order to facilitate sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. The European space program is known for contributing to different types of regional scientific progresses in the domain of Earth observations, navigations and telecommunications. 

The industry is closely related to the GDP of the region and the industry players work in close collaboration with regional suppliers and end-user to foster symbiotic sustenance. The European Union (EU) has also formulated the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. The European space program contributes to regional scientific progress in the fields of telecommunications, navigation, and Earth observation. 

Most of the European countries have their participation in the NATO forces. In the year 2014, members of the NATO agreed to enhance the spending on military by 2% of their GDP, or gross domestic product, by the year 2024. Therefore, it is quite evident that Europe is boosting its military spending to enhance the operational capabilities of the NATO forces. In the face of increasing threats from other countries like China and Russia. As far as the regional NATO allies are concerned, like Greece, Lativa, Romania, Poland, UK and Estonia; they were expected to attain the target of 2% hike by the end of 2019. It was anticipated that Germany would miss the deadline as there is a massive restoration of gthe military mechanism is going on 

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Why joining a Trade show or conference in Europe?

Today, Europe is the hub of aerospace industry. Countries from all over the world, including USA, look up to the European companies for new advancements and innovations. Thankfully, Europe has opened its doors to the rest of the world, where they can participate in different conferences and trade shows. These trade shows are organized all around the year in different countries of Europe, where the aerospace companies from all over the globe participate to learn about the new innovations, and they also get in touch with investors and banks, who are willing to invest in this sector. The trade shows puts on a display of some of the latest and most advanced innovations in this sector, which have added a new dimension to the aerospace industry in Europe. As a matter of fact, these trade shows would remain incomplete without participation from some of the other major players in this industry. Countries like India, China, Israel, Japan and others are the major stakeholders of these trade shows. It is true that they get to know and learn a lot by attending these programs; however, the organizers look forward to their participation, as it would give them an opportunity to present their new model and technology, which these countries might show interest in. This would help generate business, which in turn would add to the revenue of this industry.

Top trade Shows and Conference in Europe

There are many trade shows and conferences which are organized all over the world. Here is a list of top 30

  1. Paris Air Show: This event take place at Paris Le Bourget airport and is the largest Aerospace & Defense event in Europe. This is a Must to attend trade show.
  2. FARNBOROUGH International Air show :.this is generally took place every year in march and exhibitors from different industries like private, civil, commercial, and military sectors participate and showcase their aircraft, latest technologies and equipment. This Hampshire, UK  based show though not going to held this year on due time due covid 19 pandemic. 
  3. BLACK SEA DEFENSE & AEROSPACE: this fair is organized in Romania capital Bucharest after every 2 years and one of the top shows in eastern Europe which comprises and showcases industries like defense armament, aeronautics(space), subcontracting, suppliers and partners in aerospace.    
  4. EW or Electronic Warfare Europe: this is a UK based exhibition held in Liverpool once every year. This is considered as one of the best shows in the entire European region where different industries like Defense, Components Security & Risk Management   Space Real Time Systems, Armament Aeronautics, Embedded Systems Electronic Design participates.   
  5. ILA Berlin Air Show: This one is regarded as one of the best aerospace events in Europe
  6. METEF: the official name of this fair is Expo of Customized Technology for Aluminum & Innovative Metals Industry and it is public trade fair which organized after every 3 years in Verona Italy. The industries which take part in this fair are advanced materials, aerospace, automotive systems and components and so on. 
  7. SURFAIR: the full form of this trade exhibition is International Conference on Surface Treatments in the Aeronautical and Space Industries, which held every year in Biarritz, France and the industries which showcases here, are from aeronautics, subcontracting and suppliers, surface treatments and so on.    
  8. Aircrafts Interior Expo: This event is held in Germany. It is primarily about passenger aircrafts and deals with various aspects related to it; like safety issues, lavatory, entertainment and others. This is one of the major events when it comes to commercial trade shows, and companies from all over the world participate in it.
  9. TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW :  in the city of Toulouse France, experts and supplier and buyers gathered in This weeklong Trade Aerospace show where people from industries like aeronautics, space research and development services, and  so on. Last year the footfall in this exhibition was 2000. 
  10. Aeromart Toulouse: This event takes place in France, and it primarily deals in airbus and its various features 
  11. AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES, MODERN MARIERALS & EQUIPMENT, KAZAN: this is one of the biggest shows in Russia in aerospace and its related industries and probably one of the biggest and best in entire Eastern Europe region. Aeronautics – Space and Advanced Materials are the main two industries participate here. 
  12. AERO’NOV CONNECTION: this is a French aerospace show specializes in R&D innovation in aerospace industry takes place every 2 year in July. The main indu8stries which takes part in this show are Aeronautics – Space, Subcontracting, Suppliers & Partners and Sciences for Engineers – Research & Development. 
  13. MRO Russia and CIS: This show would be the perfect opportunity for the companies from all around the world to establish a connection with Russia’s aerospace industry
  14. Passenger Terminal Expo: This show is also about airport management and security
  15. GPEC: this is probably one of the biggest trade shows in its category in Germany which took place every year and mainly famous for police equipment and special equipment.
  16. ATX Montreal 2020: This is one of the major trade show which needs to be attended for those who are involved in the business of Aerospace and Defense 
  17. MARITIME SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY: when it comes to UK aerospace and maritime exhibitions this is the one fair which every expert look out for. The industries participates in this one are security, shipping, defense system, logistics and transportation. Aeronautics – Space, Marketing & Selling and Logistics & Transportation Engineering are the main industries which exhibit their products. 
  18. WORLD LOW COST AIRLINES CONGRESS: after every 2 years in September this exhibition takes place in London where all the leading global carriers manufacturers come to participate in it and 
  19. World Aviation Festival: This is considered to be as one of the best trade shows in the field of aerospace industry. It is organized in England and is being participated by all the major players from all over the world. 
  20. AIREX Istanbul Airshow: this is probably one of the top shows in the Turkey for aerospace industry and this shows conducts in civil aviation & airports along with supply chain in airlines industry every 2 years.   
  21. SOBRA: this Slovenian aerospace exhibition is one of its kinds in the eastern European region which deals in Armament, Risk Management in aerospace and Aeronautics. 
  22. Cuborg Air Show: It is to be organized in Cuborg, Germany. This air show is open to public, where some of the latest models of both civil and military aviation would be displayed
  23. AIRTEC: this is a Germany based exhibition and aerospace fair held every year in Munich with an aim to showcase all the latest products in the Aerospace Supply.
  24. AVIASVIT-XXI 2020: this is one of the biggest fair in the world takes place in Kiev, Ukraine. The exhibitors from different parts of the world comes to join this exhibition and showcase their products in all types of aircrafts repair and maintenance, modernization, construction, rocket systems and space vehicles and so on.     
  25. AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE MEETINGS SEVILLA: this Spanish aerospace show is one of the most popular in Spain and takes place in every two years in June, but due to Covid 19 this year it didn’t took place. The focus industries in this show are Aeronautics – Space, Defense (Armament) and Suppliers, Subcontracting & Partners. 

These are some of the major aerospace trade shows which are organized all over the world. The fact that the aerospace industry has made tremendous progress over the last couple of decades has opened up new avenues, which in turn has helped this industry to flourish even more. Want to learn more about Europe’s Aerospace Industry? Look over the internet. You will be overloaded with information.