Aerospace Engineer Salary

Aerospace industry is a sector which deals in manufacturing of different types of crafts which are used no navigate the space and sky. You got it right! It is about designing and manufacturing of aircrafts, spacecrafts, helicopters, drones and other types of vehicles. As it is quite evident that it is a highly technical field, and require men with high level of expertise. This is a domain which is dominated by the engineers, aerospace engineers to be precise, and supported by other kinds of technical staffs. They design, plan, manufacture, maintain, repair and do all sorts of things as far as the crafts are concerned. This is a huge industry; both in terms of its magnitude as well as financial volume. Billions of dollars are being invested every year in this particular sector at a global scale. USA has always been one of the leading nations in aerospace industry, followed closely by Russia. However, over the last couple of decades; countries like India, China, Israel, Germany and France have also made a tremendous progress. 

What does an Aerospace Engineer Do? 

As far as job roles of Aerospace engineers are concerned, it involves  designing, analyzing, testing, troubleshooting and developing sophisticated and  advanced technology in the domain of spacecraft, defense, aviation. Here is a brief insight into some of their major job roles (tasks depend on job title):

  • Assessing the designing requirements and proposals
  • Determining the feasibility aspect of a project, both technically as well as financially
  • Discussing about timescales, specifications and budget with the clients
  • Doing intensive theoretical and practical research
  • Evaluating designs for confirming that the products are at par with the engineering principles
  • Ensuring that the design meets the requirements of the customer
  • Coordinate, direct, produce and implement different type of designs; manufacturing and testing procedures
  • Measuring the performance of the aircrafts and brining about necessary improvements
  • Testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products 
  • It is also their responsibility to figure out whether the proposed project would end up producing safe parts and aircrafts 
  • They also ensure that the project in hand meets the quality standard.

Apart from these, there are various other important factors which aerospace engineers need to look into. Right from the planning of a project, to designing and executing; it is the aerospace engineers who are in charge, being supported by other technical staffs.

What are the types of Aerospace Engineers?

In the domain of aerospace engineering, there are requirements for engineers from different fields. Here is a brief insight for you.

  • Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers are required in this field to design various models of missiles, airplanes, spacecrafts and others. 
  • Spacecraft Designer: As the name suggests, these professionals are required to design spacecrafts and also to carry out research to make them more safe
  • Military Aerospace Engineer: These engineers are required to design and manufacture fighter planes, which are completely different as opposed to the civil ones, in terms of their design and mechanism
  • Data Processing Manager: Working with computer simulation is one of the major aspects to aerospace engineering. This is where data processing managers come into the picture
  • Technicians: These people are required to inspect, repair the crafts and also to carry out regular maintenance work
  • Drafter: The first and the most important thing of a project is to draw a proper blue print. This is the stepping stone. It is the responsibility of a drafter to take care of this part
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Power Electronic engineer
  • Software engineer

Aerospace engineer salary in USA

The salary of a aerospace engineer in the USA, depends on various factors, like his qualification,, experience and others. However, the expected average salary is $83,710

Aerospace engineer salary in Europe

Here is a list of salaries of aerospace engineers in different countries of Europe 

  • Austria €73 758 EUR ($83,335 USD)
  • Belgium           € 76.994 EUR ($87 USD)
  • Czech Republic            978 129 CZK ($43,067 USD)
  • Denmark         654.652 DKK ($99,082 USD)
  • Estonia 29 954 € EUR ($33,844 USD)
  • France 67 478 EUR ($76,242 USD)
  • Germany         85.510 EUR ($96,611 USD)
  • Iceland 9.905.625 ISK ($82,541 USD)
  • Italy     €64.781 EUR ($73,191 USD)
  • Netherlands    € 73.737 EUR ($83,313 USD)
  • Norway           kr 909 166 NOK ($107,052 USD)
  • Poland 122 664 PLN ($32,448 USD)
  • Spain   49.532 € EUR ($55,964 USD)
  • Sweden           603.072kr SEK ($65,237 USD)
  • Switzerland     117’175 CHF ($115,972 USD)
  • Turkey 101.581 TRY ($17,693 USD)
  • United Kingdom          £65,740 GBP ($85,731 USD)

Is there a demand for aerospace engineers?

There has always been demand for experienced and qualified aerospace engineers. Over the last couple of decades, the demand has increased tremendously, as this particular industry is experiencing a massive boom all over the world. 

The fact that there are requirements for different types of engineers in this domain, makes it a very dynamic field. From mechanical engineers, to computer engineers; there is lucrative career opportunity for everyone in this industry. It is expected that in next 5 years, countries like India, China, USA and Russia would make further progress in this industry, which would ask for more engineers. 

Those who aspire to pursue their career in this domain, can certainly be hopeful for a bright career. There are plenty of openings and job opportunities that await for the aspirants in this domain, throughout the world 

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