Heroux-Devtek Worldwide Locations

Heroux-Devtek worldwide locations

We worked on Heroux-Devtek’s business mapping to provide you with all the worldwide location that we found online. The list of location is not exhaustive and we will update this list regularly. If you wish to help us build that list or if you want your company to appear in this list, feel free to send us a request clicking on the link below.

Heroux-Devtek’s main business activity

Héroux-Devtek Inc. is an international company specializing in the design, development, manufacture and repair and overhaul of landing gear and actuation systems and components for the Aerospace market. The Corporation is the third largest landing gear company worldwide, supplying both the commercial and military sectors of the Aerospace market with new landing gear systems and components, as well as aftermarket products and services.

We gather different type of information about Heroux-Devtek and in this article you will be able to learn about:

  • Heroux-Devtek main worldwide aerospace locations
  • How to find an Aerospace Job at Heroux-Devtek?
  • How to grow your aerospace business activity with Heroux-Devtek?
  • Which Trade Shows & Conferences to attend?

Heroux-Devtek’s locations in Canada

There are many other aerospace companies in Canada. If you want to have a look at our mapping of the country, please follow the link bellow.

Aerospace companies in Canada

Heroux-Devtek locations in Montreal area

Laval, Quebec
Activity: Aerospace company
Location :
Laval, Quebec

Contact information :
3675 Industriel Boulevard
Laval, Quebec
Canada H7L 4S3
(450) 629-3454

Activity: Aerospace company
1111 Saint-Charles Street W.
Suite 658, East Tower, Complexe Saint-Charles
Longueuil, QC
Canada J4K 5G4
(450) 679-3330

St-Hubert, Quebec
Activity: Aerospace company
4925 Chemin de la Savane
St-Hubert, Quebec
Canada J3Y 9G1
(450) 550-2020

Longueuil, QC
Activity: Aerospace company
755 Thurber Street
Longueuil, Québec
Canada J4H 3N2
(450) 679-5450

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Toronto area

Cambridge, Ontario
Activity: Aerospace company
47 Heroux Devtek Drive
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada N3E 0A7

Kitchener, Ontario
Activity: Aerospace company
1665 Highland Rd W.
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2N 3K5
(519) 576-8910

Scarborough, Ontario
Activity: Aerospace company
1480 Birchmount Rd
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 2E3
(416) 757-2366

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Heroux-Devtek’s locations in England

There are many other aerospace companies in England. If you want to have a look at our mapping of the country, please follow the link bellow.

Aerospace companies in England

Heroux-Devtek locations in Birmingham area

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Activity: Aerospace company
Urban Rd
Kirkby in Ashfield
NG17 8AP
United Kingdom
01623 754355

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Liverpool area

Runcorn, Cheshire
Activity: Aerospace company
8 Pembroke Court
Manor Park
Runcorn, Cheshire
United Kingdom
01928 530530

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Manchester area

Bolton, United Kingdom
Activity: Aerospace company
Unit 1003
Great Bank Road
Westhoughton, Lancashire
United Kingdom
01928 530530

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Heroux-Devtek’s locations in USA

There are many other aerospace companies in USA. If you want to have a look at our mapping of the country, please follow the link bellow.

Aerospace companies in USA

Heroux-Devtek locations in Cleveland area

Cleveland, Ohio
Activity: Aerospace company
15900 Foltz Industrial Parkway
Strongsville, Ohio
USA 44149
(440) 783-5255

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Dayton area

Springfield, Ohio
Activity: Aerospace company
663 Montgomery Avenue
Springfield, Ohio
USA 45506
(937) 325-1586

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Seattle area

Everett, WA
Activity: Aerospace company
6301, 36th Avenue West
Building A. Unit #140
Everett, WA
USA 98203

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Heroux-Devtek locations in Wichita area

Wichita, Kansas
Activity: Aerospace company
1445 S Sierra DR
Wichita, KS
USA 67209
(316) 943-5752

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Finding an Aerospace job at Heroux-Devtek

No matter if you are looking for an engineering, technician or executive position at Heroux-Devtek or other similar company in the Aerospace or Defense industry, we recommend you the following steps:

  1. To search for Heroux-Devtek’s website and to look for any contact information available in order to send an application. Human ressources contact information are best but they are sometime not available online. You should realize this step to a small number of selected companies that have similar activities than Heroux-Devtek.
  2. Another good practice would be to use LinkedIn contact search feature in order to find the right contact within Heroux-Devtek. To do so, preselect the location filter, enter the name of the targeted company and look for any contacts with the same position that you target or from the human ressources department.
  3. To ask for more information/ help to the contacts that you found at Heroux-Devtek. It is always easier to get an answer when you ask for some advises. Try to connect with the targeted contact and to potentially organise a quick phone call in order to ask your questions about the work environment, the position,.. before applying. Your new connections would increase your chances of success with your application.
  4. Apply to the available position potentially referring to your new connection and referencing the information learned during your previous conversations.

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Trade Shows & Conferences to attend

Trade shows and conferences are the best place to go if you want to grow your business with Heroux-Devtek & others, learn about new technology, find a new job opportunity at Heroux-Devtek or elsewhere,… You have the opportunity to be able to meet with all the industry main actors in one single place.

Feel free to check the listing that we established of the best trade shows & conference to attend in the Aerospace & Defense market.

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