In the aerospace supply chain, companies have their own ranking depending on who do they supply to. In this article we are going to see how to define such companies focusing of the role of the Tier 1 companies and finishing by listing the most important ones.

What is a tier 1 company

A Tier 1 company is a company that directly supply to the OEM (Aircraft manufacturer). The Tier 1 company is in charge of the design, manufacture and integration of a complete system or subsystem for the OEM. The main aerospace systems are generally the engines, landing gears, avionic, fuel management, cabin systems, aerostructures, power systems,… For each commodity, you will have few Tier 1 that are sharing the market.

Which OEM the tier 1 supply to?

In the Aerospace Industry, there are several OEM depending of the aircraft category but here are the main ones:

Airbus’s A350 XWB – Commercial Aircraft

Commercial Aircraft:

Dassault Aviation

Business Aircraft:

Airbus H160


How the Tier 1 work with the OEM?

Taking the example of Boeing commercial aircrafts, Boeing’s Tier 1 are quickly involved in the design of a new aircrafts. They bring a system expertise which is key for the OEM. The first Tier 1 to be involve in all new aircraft design is the engine maker. Defining the engine requirement,  expected properties and the defining the overall aerodynamic property of the new aircraft are one of the first step that an OEM do. Other Tier 1 companies are then involved step by step by the OEM along the design phase. Traditionally the OEM consult all the recognized Tier 1 for each specific systems to challenge them for competitive innovative solutions.

Safran’s Tier 1 full capabilities

Who does the aerospace Tier 1 supply to?

The Tier 1 company is supplying the OEM (Aircraft Manufacturer). Depending on the complexity of a system, you can see Tier 1 companies outsourcing the design of a subsystem to another company or directly dealing with the system manufacturer (Tier 2). Tier 2 are usually responsible for the assembly of the system. Tier 3 would then be typically the individual component designer and manufacturer that supply to the Tier 2.

Aerospace Supply Chain

Main list of Aerospace Tier 1 ranked by commodity:

This list is not exhaustive as many company below have multitude business units with activity in several different commodity. This list is then an overview of the main Tier 1 in each commodities.

Tier 1 aerospace companies – Engine maker:

Tier 1 aerospace companies – AeroStructure:

Tier 1 aerospace companies – Avionic:

Tier 1 aerospace companies – Landing Gear:

Tier 1 aerospace companies – Cabin :

Tier 1 aerospace companies – Fuel and fluid management:

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